Why is it so much worse than the first one?

Why is it so much worse than the first one?
And why is the Outsider such a pussy here compared to the D1?

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wasn't anita sarkeesian a creative consultant on dishonored 2?

Look at the new writing team.

Story is worse but gameplay is just as good.

This isn't worse than the first one. They're extremely similar games and if anything D2 is the better game because you have more options in combat, both lethally and non-lethally. The latter being more important because the non-lethal options were very sparse in the first game. You couldn't even knock someone out in mid-combat, you had to sneak up behind them to choke them.

Second game fucked up the chaos system


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>And why is the Outsider such a pussy here compared to the D1?
He doesn't hate trannies anymore.

Yeah, but there's woman guards, a tranny in the middle of it and Anita Sarkeesian did some sort of consulting, so it's a worse game, sorry, bud, this is Any Forumsbrain.

The story itself was just a rehash of the dlc

Is2g, we get at least 1 Dishonored thread every day on this board to say the same things again and again

-No, the high chaos ending isn't a bad ending, it's a high chaos ending because you made a lot of chaos by killing people in a plagued city

-No, Dishonored 2 isn't a bad game, you don't like the pozzed scenario and that's alright, but the gameplay is still good.

-Yes, Anita was on the team for Dis2, but if a game is bad because there are more female guards, then you need to learn how to mod games because this will become more and more common to get more female characters in games.

Can we talk about other stuff in the game now ?

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because arkane's talent worked on prey

It was as good and in some parts even better than the first.
Level design was improved with more verticality and more optional enterable locations. I've played as Corvo so powers were almost the same with some cool upgrades like the time freeze on teleport from Daud. Levels were also quite varied thematically and visually.
The story is meh but it's not the main point of these games for me.

>Why is it so much better than the first one?

they were busy making the best game they've ever made

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Did they? The chaos system was already fucked up in the first game. It's honestly better to just ignore it, at least for your first playthrough.

Dishonoured 1 is my definition of a perfect game. All of its elements - story, atmosphere, presentation, and gameplays - all come together perfectly. It's legitimately one of the best games ever made. Western devs don't usually make such high quality games.

Was totally shocked to discover (but it made sense) that the devs also made Thief 1 and 2

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Man, I really wanted to like this game, but the timeloop mechanic is just not fun. Having 4 maps and expecting people to keep replaying them is lame.

story and atmosphere are shit, if the gameplay is good it's a soulless husk
this isn't a jump and run where only gameplay matters

no wonder they demand their women to wear burqas

yeah I feel the same way. The time of day changes don't affect all maps equally if they affect them at all, the games poorly optimized because they're still using the void engine. Prey:Mooncrash is the better loop game by the same studio, I'm glad death loop was overhyped to shit though, hopefully they can stay in business and just make a better game.


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Just give me Dishonored 3 set in Tyvia

>Story is shit
Yeah, but it doesn't matter that much
>Atmosphere is shit
Fuck no. Retard.

Atmosphere is good and enhanced by the stellar level design and artstyle.

Arkane was very inspired by Looking Glass but it's not the same studio or people

Just played em all for the first time, felt the same

Level design: the levels are too sprawling and don't flow as well. The first put side objectives and collectables and stuff in your path and/or made going to and fro more natural. Here, they're just sort of willy nilly, way over there, way over here. It can be fun to explore and find stuff off the beaten path, don't get me wrong. But It didn't have that same airtight design

Location: Karnaca is beautiful, really lovely. Just picturesque. But so what? Any other developer can whip it up, in any other game of any other type. Dunwall was a marvel, You felt the stink and slime all over you everywhere you turned. They created something unique that didn't just suit the story but *was* the story. At least Bioshock Infinite tried to swing for the fences after Rapture with Columbia, successful or not. Here they just, 'what if gorgeous Mediterranean beach town idk?

Plot: Narrative momentum was lacking. The first was clear and you felt somewhat invested. Free the girl, off the officials, clear your name etc. Here it was ostensibly 'Free Corvo,' as I played as Emily, but that was only sort of in the background. She mentioned it a couple times but it should have been the drive by which the rest of the plot followed. Instead it was boring Witch shit- who cares? Aimless, no investment

Characters: Granny Rags, Kraven the Hunter, John Slattery, The wacky inventor, my nigga Brisy B, Evil Niles and his twin brothers, etc, Interesting, colorful characters with great voice acting. Really something. Here we have...D'Onofrio from a loud speaker that one time, and then you hear him again in the body double mission. That's about it. 1 single somewhat memorable voice performance, not even the character itself.

Gameplay may have been better with more options, that's obviously a big plus and I'd consider future runs to try different shit out. But it felt clunkier at the same time. Sliding and swinging etc

Honestly DoTO > 2

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All the Dishonored games have good atmosphere and gameplay. Death of the Outsider as well.

I understand that the lore was severely weakened post Dishonored 1, but the games are all still great and only hysterical fags say otherwise.

Maybe ot the best, but still great, flaws and all. I loved it. Even if it felt way undercooked. The PvP is the best gameplay and use of level design they've come up with. When you're facing off against another skilled player it's *chef's kiss* Looking forward to the giant update, wondering if I should replay the story again or just fuck around. Wish there was a way to have a couple save files.