Was it good?

Was it good?

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Any Forums liked it

>Was it good?


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it was a very mediocre game

>1/4 of fighterz and xenoverse 2 sales


it's a decent game, but for some inexplicable reason they didn't adapt some of the most badass scenes in the entire series. Like Vegetas Final Flash against Cell or Super Trunks v P. Cell.

Honestly I hope the take the engine and make a Dragon Ball adventure with it that tells the Dragon Ball story up through the 23rd tournament.

honestly i don’t get why people hate it. it’s comfy as fuck

>but for some inexplicable reason they didn't adapt some of the most badass scenes in the entire series
i am fairly sure this is because they rushed the game
like everything after namek feels like a rush job

Not really, it's like xenoberse with less depth and super armor on almost every enemy move
The cutscenes are a mixed bag, which is awful coming from CC2 when the ninja storm games had some great ones
Exploring around and finding all the DB cameos is nice but that can only entertain for so long

i don't think it's really a rush job but more so they got finished with the frieza shit and realized how long the game already was and had to truncate the second half to make sure the game didn't end up 100+ hours long just to get through the main story.

It's as good as dragonball, so no.

Awful side missions, awful driving, half baked combat, lot of generic enemies and filler enemies, very basic fishing. Played through Frieza and abandoned it


Not fair. The game is only 2 years old.

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>complaining about the fishing and driving
saying you didn’t beat the game was unnecessary we already know

It was shit, pirated and uninstalled within 2 hours.

The idea of a single player Dragon Ball action game with an open-ish world you can fly around and RPG elements is actually a pretty idea. Unfortunately they fucked it up though. Mainly with the combat.

>It's like Xenoverse but stripped of any depth.
>The enemies routinely super armor through your combos.
>Most of the time you can (or are expected) to dodge their super attacks by mashing teleport or just flying away instead of carefully positioning yourself and timing your dodges.
>Any fight against multiple opponents at the same time is either a nightmare or you just blast them with your AoE specials and kill them all at once, depending on your level and the quality of the enemies.
>The only way to unlock new attacks is to fight battles like this against trios of opponents you've already beaten which are extremely obnoxious unless you're overlevelled.
>All of these problems are made even more noticeable by the game's hard mode which you may be compelled to play on because normal mode is so piss easy.
>The open world itself is pointless and filled with junk. Collecting the floating orbs just to pay for skill upgrades is obnoxious and pointless after the first few hours anyway.
>The entire machine crafting element of the game has absolutely no reason to exist.
>Maybe worst of all is the fact the game ran out of budget half way through and the really high quality cutscenes are mostly present in the Saiyan and Frieza sagas with Cell and Buu being filled with text boxes to make up for it.

It's sad because just imagine if this game was actually done well. If you had to learn combos and enemy attack patterns, if you had to master dodges and parries as well.

The filler parts are mildly comfy. I like the filler parts Every part of the game that is an adaptation of the story is garbo, you could just watch DBZ, you know. Needs more filler, as much more as the show could do with less.

No, it's a shit game. Only get it if you're a rabid dbz fan

>it’s comfy as fuck
this is code for, it was boring but i liked it anyway

I tried this game and bought the Bills skin, but honestly, it´s a boring game.

Oh wait, I did not open the thumbnail and thought this was about the fortnite collab lol

if you really like dragon ball it probably is the best dbz game. The gameplay is fun enough and the graphics are nice, but other than that it is pretty mediocre and there is some fucking retarded game design. Like why the fuck can a galaxy destroying goku barely beat some gay faggot robot.