not like this...

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>potter fans torn as franchise sells well

'Harry Potter fans' is a more sensitve way of saying trannies

It is almost like this protest almost never work because there is always a group of retard that will buy everything as long as it has their favorite logo on top

>twitter once again learns it is less than 0.1% of the population
kinda funny that they never learn. Then again, anyone who uses that god forsaken platform is a fuckign retard with no exceptions

I wish hard left wingers and hard right wingers would realize that the consoomer will consume no matter how much you try to shove the culture war down their throats. They do not care about any of this shit.

Boycotts have never ever worked. Gamers are pure consoomers. Telling a gamer to not consoom it's like telling a drug addict to stop doing crack.

i thought trannies hated rowling

that's why they're mad

It does read that way.
Implies that Harry Potter Fans don't actually l want the game.

>Harry Potter fans
You mean like 6 extremely vocal Twitter faggots?

Or maybe the vast majority of people aren't twittercunts with terminal culture war brainrot that want to buy a game based on what interests them and not how trannies feel about it

I use it exclusively to look at breasts of all kinds

>tfw new transfiguration teacher

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Tiktok is better, especially if you're into hebes

>Journo tries desperately to pretend that Harry Potter game will not sell if they don't comply with demands despite evidence to the contrary

the same success rate as petitions

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is that Jim Sterling

just say kids you fucking pedo

i think he meant he looks at yiddies.

Had no interest in this game until I heard whiney bitches were boycotting the game, now I'm going to buy it just to spite those cunts. Just like I bought the last of us 2 to spite whiney trumptards.
Being a centrist is so much easier than crying all the time.