One Piece game coming out soon

>One Piece game coming out soon
>No one is excited or hyped.
What is going on ?

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Odyssey sucks. give me Pirate Warriors 5 already, fuck anime only fags

Re-release the 3 wii games as a collection for the switch

the only good one piece game is one that follows the original story OP or a fighting game.
world seeker was bad

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Odyssey looks as if they were going to make a pre time skip games, and at the end they decided to add the new world costumes.

Does it have gear 4th at least?

post the gif of Luffy climbing instead of using his fucking powers

japanese mocap was a mistake

One piece games in general are just not very good

>One piece in general is just not very good

The pre-timeskip designs are better but I don't dislike the change for post-timeskip Robin. Not sure how popular that opinion is.

the producer of Odyssey said something like, "it takes material from the middle of One Piece up to the middle of Whole Cake Island. "

So no snake man? It looks more like it's up to the ending of Fish Man Island in terms of material.

I'll play it just so I can take a peek at Nami's butt crack

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It's not on switch so who gives a fuck.

Don’t care, already preordered Odyssey and going to enjoy it very much.

maybe there's a reason for that. Maybe nintendo didn't want it lmao

>no Enma, no raid suit, no Gear 5, no Zeus, no Jinbei
What’s the point of releasing this in 2023?

I want to Hancock Boa.

I pulled these whores instead of the anni legends and it turned out that those came back several times meanwhile this didn't. Literally the rarest legend unit next to Kung Fu Luffy, based.

I can't see why, almost all other one piece games are, and this looks to be a brained jrpg for what is essentially a children's series. Seems like an easy port