It seemed like the start of a completely different kind of game

It seemed like the start of a completely different kind of game.
Wish we had more of this setting, more thriller like.
Where we're just trying to survive

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>Where we're just trying to survive

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yea I really liked that atmosphere, wish someone make a 4h game like that and it will be kino

Not like this...

>konami at tgs in 2 minutes
>Death stranding went on sale in this exact moment

Same with GZ.
Seemed like a great concept of visiting camps and bases, instead we got horse shitting in the sand

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The intro sequence to MGSV was totally fucking crazy. It’d been so long since I’d played a game that blew my mind with cinematic effects. It was a huge relief to discover that it wasn’t just me getting older that was causing my ennui.

If you could actually die then yes. But u cant, its an overscripted 1hr sequence.

Agreed in theory but the MGS V intro is just a conpletely boring and sterile series of fully linear set pieces.

Monkey paw

The opening to TPP makes me sad because you can tell how insanely high effort it is compared to most of rest of the game. Definitely something they did early on in development before the noose started tightening. The asset rehashing in later parts is so jarring by comparison.

>i wish there was more scripted boring shit
kill yourself

>hold forward for 5 minutes and watch the guy crawl

>not a single level in the entire main game even close to the scope of camp omega

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It was a different game

>scope of camp omega
but it's smaller than any outpost from tpp

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OKB Zero, but it lacks content and reason to explore it. On top of that it kinda ends just at the point when the area is getting interested.

>OKB Zero
MG1 had more interesting level design than that corridor
3D was a mistake

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>5 minutes
try an hour
this fucking sequence is why I'll never replay mgsv

they couldn't even make the mgs3 from the 2003 e3 trailer. they should make that first
needs 10x more areas than mgs3 had, and 5x the density of soldiers. a manhunt escape game

I hate how the hospital opening is like the ultimate cocktease for a more linear classical MGS in the Fox Engine and then it devolves into generic open world Far Cry shit.

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God, I remember booting up GZ for the first time since my last mg game, which was snake eater. I was so impressed with the degree of polish and attention to detail kojima loaded this one map with. The dejavu missions were pure fanservice kino. Listening to cassettes in the chopper, evacuating political prisoners and hearing them thank you for their lives with parched throats. Take me back, Any Forums

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