Want to get back into WoW

>want to get back into WoW
>always preferred alliance aesthetically
>always hated how fucking retarded alliance players acted in BGs due to them being the overall PvE-heavier faction on all realms, US and EU
>google "wow horde bias"
>even the lame ass storytelling tells you how cool the horde is and how lame the alliance is


Is the part about ally BGs sucking dick still true?

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You now remember they did a big announcement about adding vs bots to BGs so you can win brainlessly and name-dropped the alliance as being the ones to benefit.

Just a reminder that Lordaeron belongs to the Forsaken.

>>want to get back into WoW

>want to get back into WoW
My condolences. Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is hard to deal with.

Alliance is full of perfect demigods as characters, you can't have them doing anything without it being out of character.
>Velen, most imba priest ever to exist
>Jaina, same but for mage
>Malfurion, ditto but druid
>Varian, warrior with a watered down version of thralls backstory tacked on, given speshul swords with ambiguous powers, unmatched in combat and has a wolf god as a fanboy
>Anduin, perfect pretty boy juggling priest and paladin while being the most kind and righteous etc etc.
>Magni, held up an entire mountain against deathwing, turned into diamond somehow as a result and became the planets speaker
>Even the fucking gnome can sink the entire horde fleet in the press of a button
You can't have these guys do anything, because they've been built up do much they can't be beaten.

isnt literally the same thing true for every single horde leader?
and more importantly: WHO fucking cares about the metzen self insert sonic fiction and the game's sorry excuse for main characters?

it's about the player base constantly being suggested that horde = chads and alliance = cucks.
basically the blacked.com equivalent of porn with the interesting caveat that here, it's limp wristed incels and weebs cheering up the big dumb thugs to dunk on the whitey/night elf cucks and rape their women
pair that with the usual "horde gets to do badass shit and speeches while the alliance is getting their leaders killed and is led by basedboys" theme that is overly present across every single expansion and it's no wonder that the game is 68% Horde vs 32% Alliance across all servers.

just in case anybody is wondering about BG queue times and always seeing the same players on the blue side.

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>isnt literally the same thing true for every single horde leader?
No? What the fuck are you even on about?
>Wohjakjsposter talking about porn out of nowhere
Of course

warcraft lore has been garbage since the beginning, we were all duped by the pretty drawings in warcraft 2s manual and didn't realize the game was actually dogshit. and Wow was just tinder for alt-emo and Suicidegirls. At least in my highschool it was. If you wanted emo pussy you had to be playing wow.

Isn't Malfurion dead or dying soon?

he initially jobbed to saurfang because BFA was about how the horde were the real victims because committing warcrimes and genociding civvies made them sad
malfurion is going to go godmode and then literally almost dies to [heroic throw] aka the shittiest warrior spell and saurfang goes "omg cant believe i did dishonorable combat"
and then he recovers, does one "badass" thing in a cutscene that the writers thought made up for everything else and hasnt really been seen since because the writers were busy building up tyrande to btfo sylvanas with elune powers only to comically pull the rug out from her like 5 times

I loved playing as a human in wow but the questing at around level 40-60 was so dogshit i usually played horde afterward

The Horde was ruined with the addition of gay elves and furry races, the factions are about the same now as they both appeal to alliance players. They keep promoting cross faction carebear shit completely alienating the original horde playerbase, it isnt WARcraft anymore it's Inclusivitycraft. Let it die.

>The Horde was ruined with the addition of gay elves and furry races
tauren are gay furries

They're disgusting cow-people, I get that the amount of degeneracy has increased exponentially since the early days but at least taurens was a thing in the original Warcraft games.

Since they added Mercenary mode to balance the growing imbalance between people who play PvP, the majority of "Alliance" random battlegrounds have had at least one Horde player at all times.

And since they added War Mode, Alliance is always the side with the bonus XP reward to tempt more people to play it while Horde always has the default increase

should have been 4 factions

same result: gryffindor, slytherin, hufflepuff ravenclaw

>Since they added Mercenary mode


You mean the Trade/Services chat?

you speak like you've been cryogenically frozen for the last 15 years

how fat are you?

horde was only a bunch of chuds and edgy teenagers at the very very start
the horde itself turned into the carebear faction when they started leaning into the "Rag-tag group of inclusive refugees fighting against the oppressive european white alliance" and gaslit themselves into thinking they were the good guys (see: all the art of horde player characters being sad that they burned the tree and going I NEVER AGREED TO THIS)
not only that but the declining alliance playerbase is the reason for the cross faction shit, its literally why mercenary mode and whatnot exists
last couple of raid tiers the horde hall of fame closes and ally barely has like 10 guilds placed. the horde playerbase is the entire wow playerbase.
and as for the races, it's all because men wanted to play horde and wanted their girlfriends to play with them but didnt want to play the ugly races
like i dont really give a shit about whatever retarded culture war faggotry about degeneracy youre on about but this meme about the horde being ruined is so funny to me when its always been like this, you just havent been paying attention

I distinctly remember that furries wasn't a big thing back then, "furfag" wasn't the first thing that popped into peoples heads when you chose to pick the giant lumbering cow monster.
Other than that you seem to be agreeing with me.

Let's also not forget that in-lore, a single orc singlehandedly utterly crushes a single human, both in hypothetical naked combat and in soldier one on one dueling.
But with WoW and to an extent WC2 too, they had to make orcs and humans more and more equal in terms of numbers since, well, you (ideally) have as many orcs as humans running around
As a result, the average orc is this big burly fighting machine that shouts FOR THE HORDE a lot, while the average human is a shitty peasant or foot soldier rando that dies off-screen
The orcs were overpowered and extreme fighting machines, brought down to soooorta match the humans in everything but actual feel and spirit