Still the most comfy farm game so far

Still the most comfy farm game so far.

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whoops, wrong pic sry

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To this day I still think treasure hunter fishing profession is the most broken game mechanic. Not only do you get artifacts but you also fish up geodes. My personal record was getting the sewer key by late summer in my first year. Not to mention all the cash I had from fishing.

yeah no, terraria is ok but too small and souless in my opinion. This is a Stardew Valley thread.

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I love fishing in both games, but I wish SDV's fishing was comfy as the one in Terraria. Nothing beats having to put on all your equipment and going into your own customized pond.

I heard most people didn't like Harvestella so I guess that's another game what can't beat Stardew. I wonder what's next.

hated it

Um...Jasbros, did I do something wrong?

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JasAnon's sense of humor really shines in the gift dialogue. The line right after this one is even better.

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Now a days SDV feels like wasted potential to me, most all of the gameplay elements feel shallow when they could've been more fun if elaborated on.
Probably doesn't help that Ape is a programmerlet.

About how Vincent like grapes?

I always wished I coudl really get into Terraria because of the autistic building and content depth, but I just can't stand the sidescrolling with such tiny pixel characters and blocks, it's not comfy at all for me. My longest play was just to beat the wall of flesh once but even getting to there was a struggle. I've put 10x more hours into both Minecraft and Stardew. Hell, I've put 10x more hours into Nethack.

I like how it also help us about the fav items other npc likes. I didn't know Marnie love Pink Cake. No wonder why she is chubby.

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Yeah, I didn't even realize it was one of his liked items like the user above said.

any meta stuff I should know about in stardew
I feel like a retard bumbling around

i dont know how its comfy when you are set on a itmer with an energy bar and you have to progress by doing some shitty zelda crap through a tower of shit(mine)(on a timer) to even get upgrades for your farm.

there aint nothing comfy about that game.

they threw way too different shit into it. the game takes 150 hours to beat and it involves cryptic shit that requires a wiki.

its farming is fine. but everything else to make it better is just a chore.

People nowadays are autistic enough to play this on different files and if you ask specifics they tell you "well you SHOULD have this by now" like we are all following the same day by day, year by year, step by step guide.

It's way more comfy than the other farm games what btw have the same "timer with a energy bar" and you have to start "doing some shitty zelda crap" to get money and improve yourself.

Post your cellars and kegs at work. Only inside proper buildings. Doing it outside aka "minmax" doesn't count.

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At this point just create a custom npc and give her that much effort

it has nothing to do with farming.

Bless the user who requested this in the drawthread.

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But is what most farming games are all about.
Jas with princess clothes?

believe me i want to like the game but it gives me the opposite vibe than comfy when it gives stressors like this.
it would be different if you didn't get penalized for staying up past your bed time by taking your fuckin gold away.

like i'm about to have another go at it but i think you need a wiki on the side at all times and it becomes less enjoying what you have and more of "where do i find the next fuckin item oh i can't put sprinklers up because i have to kill some shit in a mine".
the minmax autism crowd ruined it for me too because i wanted to learn more basics about the game and people strictly follow a certain pattern in this because of said timer and seasons where you are locked out constantly of shit.