"p4s was too easy! Make raids harder!"

>"p4s was too easy! Make raids harder!"
>p8s comes out with an extra 1% hp tacked on
>"p8s is too hard!!!!! And change the balance because Mr bald man said so!"
Why are ffxiv players such babies?

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>we want hard content!
>but not TOO hard, just hard enough so that only we can clear it so we can feel special
It's the same song and dance every fucking time.

>p8s is too hard!!!!!
No one said this retard, people just wanted some balance changes so that playing an off-meta comp didn't feel like total garbage

Defend ranged DPS damage numbers compared to melee next.

Machinist players are literally half as potent as average Monk players even at their very best.

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Skill issue. You picked a job for bad players so you get bad damage.

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Just remove MCH from the game at this point. It's just there to bait people into playing trash, and even with four patches straight of buffs it's still useless.

This isn't true at all. Dancer is a joke class that anyone could play in their sleep and it beats Bard handily, a class that has to deal with a lot of shit RNG and has a really awful time with fight downtime.

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People choke so hard on p8s, can't make the enrage. Also don't greed on snake 2, lose the gcd

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holy shit
Your issue is actually just that everyone good cleared door already. I got my reclears on Tuesday, went to bed, couldn't play on Wednesday, and then last night was hell but I managed to get it finally. Just hard to find decent players.

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>Quintus survives because of how weak MCH is

How would the Garl plot continue then on for the rest of Endwalker?

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I'd argue that Reaper is more difficult to play than Samurai (they're both easy) but Sam does way better damage and is the melee you want if you have a Dancer

The original reason was uptime but the devs admitted to designing current fights so melees can have 100% uptime. Just delete the role and start over.

>Black Mage is STILL the only ranged/caster that can substitute as a melee

I've been at it since last week, there are still good people, but there's the one sneaky retard that dies on the key mechanics

Final tale has been released, here's something for you, Garleboos

Finally, some good fucking content, glad the ancient garbage is over

Well? Which one is it, Yoshida?

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If you believe everything that SE write on their patches or interviews you must be new...
They came with excuses and contradict themselves plenty of times.
I don't care about week 1 clear rates or off-meta comps having a hard times on a week 1 scenario, I've playing PLD on savage since Stormblood and since I never went for a week 1 group I never had a problem with damage.
What bothers me is that they are just turning everything to be a 2min burst bot, giving melee 100% uptime AND taxing ranged jobs, made every healer into a 1 button DPS rotation, removing or nerfing every support abilities that aren't DAMAGE, and they still have problems balancing jobs, this is beyond pathetic.
They should just rethink how they design bosses and give us scenarios where damage isn't everything on a fight...

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Defend mch playing like warrior while having less responsibilities

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Just for comparison on this.

It's mainly annoying when it comes to the flexible dps spot, where it's supposed to be open for anyone, but if you're not 10+ ilvls above a fight's minimum, there's no way it's not meant for the flexible dps to be melee/blm. As in if you were min ilvl with a team going mnk/mch/brd/smn as their dps, P8S was numerically impossible to clear.

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