It's great

It's great.

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The actual merc mission gigs are fun mini puzzles infiltration and combat. The other content is whatever.

It’s the best cyberpunk game.

It only took 2 years of patches to make it decent but its retarded that you still need mods to fix the game.

Is it actually decent now?
The first big patch basically killed netrunning, is it fun again now after new patches?

lmao no

It was always great

Story/Quest wise yes

>still no NG+

How did they not prepare for something so basic every RPG should have nowadays. Witcher 3 had it. I don't want to bother regrinding street cred and levels every new playthrough.

The anime actually made me want to play the game, but I'm gonna wait for one more year before playing this game

ng+ in witcher 3 was the last free dlc and it was an absolute broken shit because a single wolf could insta kill you

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Oh right I forgot most of my webms are banned lol
I'll have to remake them but I'm lazy

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Kerry Eurodyne bros...

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I did all the gigs or whatever and ended up going around doing police missions. It got a bit dull after a while.

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It is. The moment your realize you can climb on every building it becomes phenomenal parkour game.

>posts webms from when it was first released

You're like those people that repost images from when Rome 2 got first released.


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The game still has no content and is worse in every way than any Fallout game (RPG FPS).
The bugs are just icing on the cake, shill

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