This is what a 5'11, 168lbs, 49 year old looks like according to Japan

This is what a 5'11, 168lbs, 49 year old looks like according to Japan

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literally me

Yep, that's what the average 49-year old Japanese man looks like.

*Harada self insert number 1

comparing older white men with older Asian men

he's so hot

it's a vidfeo game.

you could look like this if you tried unless genetics fucked you very hard

this guy is literally 50 years old (go ahead and reverse google image search him)

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Bejita sama.. I kneel

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i actually look and act like this
i am trans by the way, if this is matter

That's not Ganryu.

kazuya is natty though

you could look like that too if you stopped posting twitter screenshots on Any Forums

So how much would he actually weigh with all that muscle?


the made up of pixels character is natty? Huh didn't know

well he's got the devil jeans

that's number 3, number 2 is Feng

Why are japanese so badass? They are big, strong, they fight all day and don't fear anyone.

Compress your shit scumbags! I am not buying a 1TB drive to fit one game.

>demon blood

Hard training

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he gets beefier with every installment

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I just bought tekken 7 and the game matched my 3dan ass with someone with over 2k wins

Achievable natty.

What is Kazuya’s end goal?

He’s already obscenely wealthy and powerful at multiple points in the story. Is he just evil to be evil?

In case someone doesn't know. She was pregnant when they recorded this video.

jomon gene activated

with Kazuya