You have 10 seconds to come up with an interesting new mechanic for an online TCG or your mother will die in her sleep...

>you have 10 seconds to come up with an interesting new mechanic for an online TCG or your mother will die in her sleep tonight
what do you say in response?

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Instead of Pokémon prize cards, you strip on webcam.

Name Drop
Pay (X). Target user has to name X videogames whose title logos have colors of the mana types spent to activate this ability. For every game they fail to name, they have to discard one random permanent.

Since all the cards are just digital anyway, you run a Draft tournament set up like all the fictional tournaments where when you win you get to "keep" a card from the opponent you knocked out.
Of course the card wouldn't actually leave the loser's ownership, the winner would just get a copy because it's digital and you can do that.

Only one character/creature you start with, the rest are equipment and enchantments for that character/creature. Also forced ante of a random card

I just noticed. The button on the pokeball supposed to connect to the red half of the ball, right?

Eternal has plenty of mechanics that only function due to it being an online/e-game.

The ball is in the middle of opening

Sounds like the Runescape cardgame.
You'd pick a character and then you'd race agaisn't the opponent with cards being either buffs for your or debuffs for the enemy

You can pay for a digital version of your creature/monster/minion/pokeman doing a fortnite dance



sounds interesting. please go on.

TCGs are inherently shit and nothing can fix them.

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>you load giant dice with 6 cards
> roll the dice
>which face up is the card you played

well a card normally has two sides, but this card will have three sides

Duel masters has this
It's 3 cards tied together, front faces are card 1 and card 2&2, back faces are card 3&3&3

Finally I can get that inheritance

>players combine their decks into one
>draw cards from same deck

Mana pools are fucking stupid and waste turns.

I'm developing a mech card game where you start with a core and attach different cards to different parts of the core to "assemble" a mech to fight with.

isn't that more or less how flesh and blood works

100% Orange Juice does that, but it's more of a board game with card game elements.

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Cards are recorded AI bot Revenants that perform an action you play out in training mode in an FPS arena with fantastic attack animations.
If your bot completed it's action fully, it returns to your deck. If your bot gets killed, then the card is deleted. Winner is the one with the most cards left after 5 minutes.
Every time you open a pack, you get a new random load out to equip on a new recording and can create another revenant.

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The cards explode when they die

It's good and all cards are available. Only cosmetics are paid.

>5, maybe 6 tribes/colors/whatever
>except you have to use exactly two in your deck, no more no less
>and we're gonna add weaknesses and resistances like in pokemon
>and lastly your sideboard is very explicitly meant to be a third tribe/color you can swap one of yours out with if it's a bad matchup

Each player has to kill themselves by decking out or reducing their own hp to 0.

You can disrupt the opponent by healing them or shuffling their discard pile into their deck to keep them from decking out .