Do you think concept art for games will be generated by AI in the future?

Do you think concept art for games will be generated by AI in the future?

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People's expectations will increase if a bunch of ai-generated shit floods the market, which will just return art demand to humans since AI cannot create anything original

I hope artists go out of business entirely because they are overwhelmingly lazy cunts who prefer to not work and pretend they are working

>tfw AI can draw better than you

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Totally, it's already run by crude algorithms for mass appeal.

I am in existential panic over the threat of AI rendering all human endeavor pointless, and making all people into useless shitsacks with no skills since the AI can just do everything.

Technology is not a jump from a to b. Eventually ai will be good enough to replace essentially everyone. The only people that will still have an audience are popular Twitter users that create hentai pics. Everyone else is getting swept aside

How does that affect you


Learn to leverage this in your favor.

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I used to think we either conquer dpace or our civilization ends in a few centuries, but maybe Ai can replace 99% of humanitu at a fraction of what they cost the environment

>train model on those twitter artists
>now generate porn in that style

most AAA concept shit is already passed through so many hands with focus group guidelines that it might as well be considered AI

I dont mind as long as devs test it before release
>Early Access exist.
Actually i take that back.

it can gets concepts fast

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It's probably going to be a hybrid.

Humans don't either. Literally everything is based on things people have seen or heard described by someone else seeing. Humans are not special, we're just meat robots.

It's gonna be a great tool for like 5% of artists, and terrible for the 95% rest.

Basically, styles are going to get more specific and niche. Artists won't be able to rely on just pure practice/technical skill anymore since AI can do a lot of the heavily lifting. Instead, artists are going to have to rely more on "refining" what the machine has already done to make it more palpable to humans. It's gonna become like the restaurant industry basically. Processed food you can just buy in the store is easily available, so you go to the restaurant for those handcut fries and homemade sauce.

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Most of the time the AI produces some absolute body horror, but out of 64 results, I got one nice tummy. The important part is that it can do so many tries so fast that something will probably be good.

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Who created the first symphony? The first play? The first book? We absolutely are original.

AI is soulless and it'll take decades before it actually understands enough about the world to try create something original. Until then it can only learn by being fed what we've created.

Of course. Type in some prompts and paint over the AI generated art that gives you ideas/inspiration. While it generates you can manually draw yourself some character silhouettes to start off with too, or whatever you normally do.

best i got without asking

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AI is literally incapable of the creativity we value in human-created art
"in the future" creates weird unfalsifiable ideas that always boil down to "heh guess we don't know yet chud check back in [indeterminate] years we'll see who's laughing"
exhibit A: the process by which a human reorganizes aesthetics is currently unknown and cannot be recreated by machines
equating the two is either bad faith or ignorance
equivalent to claiming that a machine which can pass a turing test is no different to a human consciousness because the output is superficially similar

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I'm super excited for what it can possibly do the more time consuming and boring side of art, like if you need to draw an army of horse riders for example. You can just draw a couple and the AI fills in the rest, yeah it's probably not gonna be perfect but potentially "good enough" that you can work off it.

>AI in the future
Given enough time (e.g. centillions of years) AI can procedurally generate and simulate new universes with entirely different laws of physics.
>Who created the first symphony? The first play?
You'd eventually get into who the first poets, storytellers, singers, and being capable of speech were. Then whether or not our earliest hominid ancestors could be considered to have had "souls" and to what extent such a definition is applicable to our modern-day relatives (e.g. chimpanzees).

How do you do this? Just doodle something in MS Paint and tell it "make it anime"? Or do you need to be a prompt architect with an encyclopedia of AI-specific terms?