Games left and right are downgrading themselves to run on PS4 so they're not colossal flops

>Games left and right are downgrading themselves to run on PS4 so they're not colossal flops
>Which in turn discourages purchasing a new console/PC since it's available on a platform they already own, even with the supply issues.
>PC players suffer, next gen owners suffer, and previous gen owners suffer
>All thanks to scalpers.

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"Oh no, I'm not being forced to buy expensive gadgets to play new games that don't look much different from games made 8 years ago! This is surely hell!"

OH NOOOOO games won't take a decade to release because some gay niggers cannot take the games to even beyond the insane bloated sizes they already are

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We should have never beyond PS2 graphics anyway

Late ps2 fidelity with higher res textures should have been enough. The industry should have focused on better gameplay and AI instead of 4k autism


How do PC gamers suffer? It means we don't have to spend hundred of buckaroos upgrading our PC and we can play everything at max spec and high framerate. I've upgraded my GPU once in 10 years thanks to console stagnation.

some insane console schizo shit about the latest and greatest and ultra settings and 20k pcs
despite most of us playing old as fuck games and at what ever resolution and fps we want

Major game releases that actually justify your hardware are being gimped for 10 year old hardware.

You dumb consolefags should be thankful this crossgen period is taking so long, it's the only reason you're getting 60fps games at all.

What changed?

So? What do modern graphics do that actually justify the shit they add in for $1000 gpus? Shit you don't even notice like tesselation and ray tracing? Slightly better reflections you'll never look at for more than a split second?

Someone post the edit of this with the penguin

What is this image and why does at least one person in every discord server have it as their profile pic

Same thing happened with the launch of the PS4, right? You should be used to it, console cuck.


All games are downgrading to not melt the switch

>buy a new iphone every year for 700+$
>refuse to buy a 500 dollar console

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>valuable multipurpose machine
>no value AND no games
It's that easy.

Scalpers running rampant is Sony's fault, they didn't take scalping as seriously.
Sony completely bungled the PS5 launch by not making themselves the primary channel through which people could obtain a PS5.
They simply allowed all the vendors to dump their supplies into scalper hands and as a result their software purchases and active subscriptions have zero growth potential.

Somy has no control over vendors and they had contracts they needed to fullfill.

The big three have contracts with big retail chains and if they break them they will no longer sell their games in the stores.

Do consider that it might not be as simple as it seems. I imagine Sony wasn't really allowed to be the only channel because of contracts and deals with the various retail vendors globally.