Wo Long Demo!

>PS5 and Xbox Series X/S only

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try not being poor lmao

When is the demo coming to Switch?

small jap company, you understand how it is

I don't know who needs to hear this but consoles get the first class treatment.
PC dudes are second-class citizens in this industry.

>simultaneous pc release
>no pc demo
I hate this shit but I'll still buy the game because nioh was great

Available in 5 minutes, until the 26th.
It contains: Tutorial, character creator, one level.
People who beat the level gets a bonus item in the full game
People who complete the survey gets a wallpaper

>he doesn't have a PS5
lmaoing at your life rn

Does the demo have multiplayer?

I'd rather invest in a 4080 to play the game at 4k120hz when it releases

sf6 demo will be on every platform
seems like publisher and money bags issue to me

>I'd rather invest in a 4080 to play the game at 4k120hz when it releases

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I can't say I didn't expect it to not be on PS4 but it doesn't stop it being shitty.


PS5 chads wya?

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Demo is 21.63GB on Xbox Series S. It's out now. Downloading as we speak.

Well, that sucks. I want to get it on PS4 but that means I can't get the hat.

Looks like Guardian Spirit attacks work the same way as in Nioh in that it's a single attack instead of something like summoning things in Elden Ring to serve as distractions.

Thank goodness for that.

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>tfw gotten all the helms from the nioh tests
>can't get this one because I don't have ps5

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One of the many times that being a wagecuck fucks me over. Oh well at least I have the weekend to play.

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why would anyone expect it to work like ER, what even gave you that impression, why bringing up ER at all you retard
of course it works like nioh, what are you, braindamaged?

>game made by nioh devs isnt like elden ring
wow what a great observation not like that was already obvious from the start

Xbox xbox.com/en-us/games/store/wo-long-fallen-dynasty-demo/9n1nr9kjrcr6

People in one of the threads for the trailer that showed the GS attack were speculating that it might work like Elden Ring summons instead of like in Nioh.

I see here that using spirit attacks does lower your gauge, and you can even go into the red by doing so which is really interesting, you have the option to play a bit riskier.

It's 41gb on Series X. I would play it just to record some clips for this thread, but im tired. Hopefully someone else does it.

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Yeah its almost like shitposters say retarded things to stir the pot and make people derail threads and talk about irrelevant shit

based black hand poster

I still have no idea what the difference between the yellow and blue meters are on the left and right that are below your health bar.

>41GB on Series X
WTF? On my Series S it's 21GB.

it's pozzed shit anyway
time to give up on team ninja

don't care

here's your notEstus

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Whoops, I'm wrong, it's 23gb. I assumed it was 41 because that's what it says on the site, but the SeX says 23.

>boss's level went down from 5 to 4 after you grapple him while yours goes from 5 to 6

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>woke trash
Don't care.

It's been gone over in some threads but the gist of it is, if it goes all the way to the left/red by getting hit you get knocked down, it goes right/blue when you land attacks and parries, and you have certain attacks that spend the bar to do more damage/spirit damage(?) but can be used regardless of where the bar is at.

It's the new moral system.


>i dont care so much that im going to post in every wo long thread and say i dont care

Probably because pcfaggots will just data mine the game
Devs should stop supporting those incels entirely.

Lu Bu is HAYAI

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Its a dev issue. You only prioritize so much during development, you can't have all builds equally playable.
Trust me it has nothing to do with money bags.

oh yea, I'm thinkin kino

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Bumping KT kino

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