The Bridget drama was a CIA psyop

The Bridget drama was a CIA psyop
This timeline is too funny

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not surprising. most things that get spammed that heavily here are government propaganda

>schzio rambling on twitter
>better post it on Any Forums

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>Get paid to shitpost
And here I am doing it for free.

I can't be the only one on Any Forums who ignores Bridget threads and it and filters them from the catalog

Did the CIA convince the developer to confirm Bridget's pronouns are "she" too?

> we live in a timeline when cia pays agents to create femboy memes

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I'm willing to believe this but it's still retarded and you are too for making a Twitter thread

Based Stacy glowies dabbing on 4chud schizos.

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Based as fk

Was it a falseflag? Or are alphabet soup agents becoming based?

tranny normalization propaganda like your post

If you think they're based because of this, you deserve to be psyopped for life.

based, the feds have always been allies

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the schizos were right?

Or you know, she might be a CIA agent who happened to be into trans Bridget and isn’t some super sekrit conspiracy to turn America gay

bot post

My theory is that the glowies that spend too much time here become like us.

>who happened to be into trans Bridget
If anything, it's the opposite.

Have they ever been wrong?

Not a bot, sweaty

why are americans fucking like this



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Trans lives are more important than black lives. Same fed will turn blacks into swiss cheese, remember that.

Well you aren't since you just posted in one.

CIA Agents are so fucking based
They not only shitpost on social media and browse Any Forums they even get paid for it

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This was one of those "literally who in the fucking world could possibly care about this" nonsense topics that got spammed on Any Forums for days so yeah, not just believable but actually likely that it was actually some CIA operation.

i dont use filters but i do try to ignore

Wouldn't it be the opposite? If it was a psyop the post would be pro-tranny not anti-tranny


that's a CIA agent

At some point you're going to have to accept the fact that you are schizophrenic.

it's super important to spend all your time on here ingesting drama and "identifying patterns". If you're wrong, you can just forget about it and move on to the next thing because nobody on here is gonna call you out on it, and besides, you're anonymous, so having a stupid theory is free. If you're RIGHT, however, you can bask in glory and fame knowing that you finally CALLED IT and that something fishy is going on in the world of video toys

That and it's all in good fun anyway

they're trying to turn gamers into trannies...

I have no idea what any of you are talking about and I don't see what this has to do with video games

Fuck glowies

hello cia

Americans were the trannies all along...
fucking glow in the dark

twitter garbage thread


they openly do this shit

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I always tend to believe in the opposite of what you fuckers say and 9 times out 10, it's worked for me.

kek, reminds me of one of the rare good stonetoss comics

kys 80 IQ

Do you dumbasses even know what the CIA does?

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Reminder that trannies are mentally ill freaks and schizos and to believe a man could be a woman is literal doublethink out of 1984.

If anyone ever tells you that Any Forums isn't some infowar battleground with the US intelligence and bots making up half the posts, just look at the replies in this thread.

Why are we the schizos when it's been proven time and again that all manner of people raid here daily trying to sway the overall culture?

all I know is they need to be run over

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they glow in the fucking dark, that's what they do

>make schizo post on twitter
>screen cap it
>omg guize it's reeeeaaal! The one peice is reeeaaal!

Propagate jewish trickery

>culture wars is a set up by feds, affecting both sides
this is known for years at this point

>someone posts dumbass nonsense conspiracy theory
>people reply that OP is schizophrenic and retarded
Real battle of wills there.

>>Anonymous (You)
> (You)
Lol, it's literally the mass replier meme.

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You mean the ironic replies larping as glowies and bots?

t. hasn't read 1984

same, I don't use filters cause there's a chance I'll miss a really good thread. Pic is me for most Any Forums drama/ecelebshit

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CIA only works in foreign countries, your thinking of NSA or FBI.

it's just an anime forum my man, nothing posted here matters

if only we had mods

>thinking the agency that assassinated a US president cares about their legal scope of authority

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