Bayonetta 3

>Viola is a "witch in training"
>Implied to be from the future and knows how the homunculi will eventually wipe out the world,
>"Have we met before? I'd think I'd remember you right girl.....*you*?"
>Fights with Bayonetta's Chesiree cat as a summon, has a little doll similar to what Bayo had as a kid
>Uses a hookshot like Luka
>Tries to act cool but comes off goofy and clumsy, like Luka
>Gets annoyed when getting called a kitty by Bayo, also like Luka.

Lesbosisters....our Bayo x Jeanne headcanon is starting to look grim.

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How ugly

Here's some new compilation footage.
>that awkward high five

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I wonder how often the giant demon forms will be useable? You see them blurred out in some occasions when Bayonetta is a tighter space like inside a train or building. I hope it's not just some set piece gimmick.

There are Bayos from other universes, they'll cop out by making Viola the daughter of one of them plus that universe's Luka as opposed to the main ones.

It seems like they've made most of the battle arenas large specifically so you can use them most of the time.

Seems like it’s size related based on the newer footage, granted they did confirm some areas require you to use one for set piece reasons like the city chase scene

you can probably only use certain ones in smaller areas there will probably be one you can use in most situations why the rest are more situational do to their size

while not why

>Feet weapon gone
>Replaced with equippable demons instead
>Changes wicked weaves and beast transformations
>Can also summon huge fuck off versions of them

How are we feeling about this bros?

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Chesiree is probably just a demon that befriends kids in need of a friend as we see him act goofy on a cutscene,no other demon does that as far as we know
>Cereza was an outcast locked in jail most of her childhood
>unlike Jeanne who was "top" tier witch surrounded by her kind
>viola is the last one of her kind,probably not fully understanding her heritage and grew up to act "tough" as nobody wanted to be near her and her abilities,like an outcast

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Kamiya doesn't have the balls to have Luka and Bayonetta have a kid. He's a cherry boy, that's why he preferred yuri baiting with Jeanne

The real twist is that's she's actually luka and bayonettas granddaughter, there's some jeanne in there as well

I feel the main theme really kind of spells it out clearly.

>Awoken by whispers of destiny,
>I reach for you as you're calling out my name,
>Longing for your touch to bring me back to life,
>Only you can save me, rekindle the flame,

>A hundred miles away I feel your heart,
>It beats for me, we can never be apart,

>This is the time I knew,
>I knew you couldn't be the only one to,
>Come and take away darkness,

>I know you'll miss me when I'm gone,
>Save your tears, this is why we belong,

>My desire, my Achilles' heel,
>You've tamed this cursed beast,
>My soul released,

>I spread my wings,
>We will fly into faraway galaxies,
>Just you and I,

>And then the sands hold tight to our memories,
>To another land,

>I feel weak, I tremble to speak,
>As I take my last breaths I'm the happiest I've ever been,
>Ocean blue, I look into your eyes
>I know that you will be here,
>By my side, my Cheshire.

Viola is the daughter of the original 1/2 Bayonetta and Luka. Bayonetta dies trying to protect the world. Viola and Luka meeting is due to some dimensional time-travel shenanigans.

>Jeanne had sex with Bayo's and Lukas son

That bitch is fucked up.

Well, witches are long living, if she at least waited for the guy to grow up fully then it wouldn't be too weird.

Demon equips and being able to turn into Phantom is great. Not having a feet slot is all kinds of fucked up. One step forward, two steps back.

Why is no one talking about how they nerfed Bayos tits and made Jeanne ugly as fuck?

Drill hair bayo isn't the bayo from 1/2. She's a different timeline or dimension or some shit. I do like the design but it's very child like?

Jeanne's new design blows hot fucking ass.

>Lesbosisters....our Bayo x Jeanne headcanon is starting to look grim.
Nope. Luka is just a cool uncle to her. He raised her because Bayo and Jeanne of her world are dead

Nigga the theme of the game literally calls out to "cheshire" and mentions their "ocean blue" eyes.