*mogs the sequel*

>*mogs the sequel*

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what sequel?

Why was RDR2 so fucking shit tier to RDR1? Why did nu-Rockstar think making realism game is fun?

explain how, they are the same game

It was just new for the time and it was definitely impressive on a PS3, if it came out today (with improved graphics) it would be as lame as RDR2.
The entire Mexico part is absolute cringe and most missions are pretty much the same.
Still, the environment esthetics are way above RDR2

They're both the same game but RD2 didn't remove the bad parts of RD1 such as slimey controles or the excessive amounts of unnecesary animations and didn't meaningfully improve anything aside from graphics and quantity. Sequels never have the excuse of being just as bad as the previous game, the whole point of sequels is to improve upon the previous games mechanics.

>The entire Mexico part is absolute cringe and most missions are pretty much the same.
>everybody says the mexico part is the best
>this user no it's shit

>by everyone i mean me

Mexico was total cringe, except maybe the train mission.

they're both good

The killing was so much more satisfying in RDR than in the prequel, it felt like i was in a spaghetti western

RDR1 was inspired by classic westerns and had the spirit of The Wild Bunch and the Leone films. RDR2 wanted to be a gritty Bone Tomahawk style modern western which made it way less enjoyable.

why was it cringe tho? Im genuinly asking because to me it is just like the rest of the game but spanish?

RDR2 is definitely not a spaghetti western. Felt more like a "realistic" netflix drama with how melodramatic everything was.

Yea it was definitely more realistic, which was also cool to play. But i just had so much more fun shooting people and they would flop around. I hope they start leaning more towards the physics from GTA 4 and RDR in later games

Both games are amazing. I think I ultimately prefer 2 though, because its open world is incredible.

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>The entire Mexico part is absolute cringe
Nah. Mexico is way better than New Austin

fucking stupid how big these games are getting, turning into huge rotting bloated masses, I don't give a fuck is the horse realistically shits, or if its turds are colour coded to what it is eating, or if its balls grow and shrink with the temperature, just make a fun game
It is one of my favourite games but holy shit is it a bloated clusterfuck

in story terms, yes it's a prequel. but it's rdr1 sequel because it came out after

>Still no PC port
>Looks and runs like shit on consoles
Wake me up inside.

I'm replaying it on Xbox Series X and it looks great. It isn't 60fps which sucks but you soon get used to it

I want better render distances and a higher FPS, and the game to be less blurry. Is that so much to ask? Probably.

just wait for the remaster in 4 years time

I guess on desert island terms id take 2 over 1 just because theres so much shit to do. Also kinda up in the air which story was better because they were both amazing.

I remember reading that RDR is basically a spaghetti code game and that a lot of the original work done it is gone forever, so it will either need a full remake or a miracle to get a remaster.

ah...same curse as MGS4. It's such a clusterfuck it needs to be remade from scratch. What the fuck was up with Gen 7 consoles?

A lack of standardisation, and the PS3 was a nightmare to develop for.

Nah. I thought the same until I played it again. 2 is better in literally every way

lol sure

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RDR2 is PS5 graphics with PS1 gameplay. Truly awful game.

RDR1 is the last game I can think of that made me feel inspired.