Do you have any videogame purchase regrets?

Do you have any videogame purchase regrets?

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Liftime sub for Champions Online.

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get this is the faith of all gacha niggers you made your own bed no refunds

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Everquest Landmark, it started so good yet the plug was pulled.
Guild Wars 2, I still feel nauseous.

what a wast of time & money this game is
it was acting to be something big but it wasn't
after that I never EVER trusted normies taste

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yes, all money i wasted on gachas which i wouldn't do if gaming didn't shit the bed and stopped making games that gacha shit is the only thing i keep invested.

Starcraft 2

I bought Class Of Heroes for the switch for 1000 yen but im thinking DRPGs arent my jam so yeah

The 1st splatoon

Pre-ordered Code Vein Deluxe Edition
That game is awful and the fans begging for a sequel make me sick to my stomach.

Garcha subhumans all deserve the rope.

>mfw turned profit after selling my MagiReco account with Tart after like 5 months
She was just 3/4 too.

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I spent like $250 on Dragon Quest of the Stars, which also only lasted for a little over a year.
I'm more torn about the game being gone than the money though, nothing will fill the void, except maybe DQX if that were to ever come outside of Japan.

Cold war

What a let down compared to MW19

not really, no.

spent 10k in fgo i dont feel any regret

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>bought street fighter v costumes on sale
>less than a month later champion edition gave all those costumes for free
i got baited and i won't forget

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fug, how do ou even sell an account? feels like the company would just catfish you and ban your ass.

Did anyone here play Splitgate? It's getting a final update.

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I'll play their next game instead

love problem child. funny guy