This kills the Tekken zoomer

This kills the Tekken zoomer

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that indian jocker hair

Unironically kino and I wish he wasn't in SF6

Why? He's so much cooler in 6

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also, why did they turn him into a prettyboy for fags who spend all day playing with their butts?

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Wow he used to be white?!

>You can call me Luke. Or just senpai.
What did he mean by this?

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He’s noticed you user-chan

Those Popeye forearms.

Tekken chads eating good

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This paranoid roid schizo Popeye has definitely grown on me

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Why are his forearms bigger than is biceps and shoulders combined?

>didn't play SFV
that's his thing. He can go popeye mode and get bigger forearms so he can do karate better.

To attract more female gamers to the game so you can try and get a girlfriend

it's popeye you zoomer faggot

But why? And why did they make the zoomer character copy the literal boomer age character?

holy shit I forgot how bad the strive lobby system was haven't touched that shit for a long time, my god literally cringe

Thats this super? Seriously? Are they even trying anymore?

>Same edgy characters with the same movesets and clunky animations doing edgy shit for the button mashing black weeb casuals to put their hands on their head and go "YOOOO HOLY SHIT"
>SF6 making new characters with new gameplay styles and an amazing open world mini game's over


But SF6 is the game that is pandering zoomers the most...I mean look yesterday trailer