Square Enix took the time from their stream to teach the Japanese how steam functions and how to create an account. Thoughts?

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I am sure FF7R was a great success

make them play dota and csgo

Japan is SWITCH+MOBILE+PC country now. Sony fucking lost. Good.


Gaben won

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>trying to teach women things

They cant do it on their Nintendo DS.

Why didn't they show people how to play on EGS?

>"On steam"

Doing a way better job than Sega where their PC MMO bricked hard drives and corrupted peoples Windows install.

Make them play Age of Empires and Europa Universalis, or any strategy game

please just release ntwewy and stranger of paradise on steam oh my fucking god

Holy shit. What fucking year is it? That looks like a internet infomercial from like the 90s. You can communicate with people all over the world? On the internet? That's amazing! I had no idea!

>"I will put white babies in her."

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Didn’t release they were that far behind, when do we introduce petroleum and cars to them?

Finally I'll be able to find a japanese gf in TF2

dear lord hes ugly


it's great that PC won mostly because of consoles being so shit rather than PC being good

Epicbabs... our response ?

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Fucking this. Either Japs are dangerously tech-illiterate or this video is 20 years too late.

PC gaming isn't as ubiquitous in Japan as it is in the west. So much so that a significant margin of their playerbase simply don't have steam accounts or have until recently been vilifying PC gaming in general.

Coping snoy

to be fair a lot nips are still clueless about the internet. places there still rely on floppies, fax, and peer to peer.

>third world favela monkeys
>now japs
what's happening to steam

I'm a Playstation/PC guy, but this is well deserved. They dropped Japan and hit smaller developers with absurd censorship shit. This was a long time coming.

Steam must be making them alot of fucking money if they're doing this shit for Valve.

Holy shit corpo clowns are so out of touch with reality it's insane. If japanese don't install steam it's not because they don't know how, it's because they don't care about it and play on consoles.

>TFW no qt3.14 japanese gf that teaches me how to install games from steam
I hate my life..

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pc = platform exclusively for porn games has been an idea embedded to japanese minds for very long



is it possible to get a beard like that naturally ? It has to be shaven on purpose

>You can communicate with people all over the world?
Well, Switch, for example, lets you play people from all over the world, but its communication features are still very primitive.
Remember, PC gaming has never been huge in Japan compared to consoles.

Sony is so irrelevant that Japanese devs now have to shill for steam so they can actually sell AAA games there.

It is the "davey jones".

I have a jap Guilty Gear player in my Steam friend list. What's wrong with jap players?

You underestimate how much corporate boot licking goes on with the japanese. Once they see an authority figure (square) using it they'll more willingly fall in line.

Switch in Japan is bigger with its local play scene than online multiplayer. Splatoon and Monster Hunter are the two biggest examples. You see everybody playing them at school, break time at work, train, restaurant, etc.

Someone in the last thread pointed out that Steam is the last place they can turn to in Japan for their more serious stuff, it used to be Sony platforms but everyone in Japan detests them now. Not a good look for Sony.

That's pretty cool not enough Japanese users are actually using Steam but why the fuck is SE doing this when they release all their game on the fucking EPIC GAME STORE!

No, its that PlayStation is making them 0 money. They are doing this for their own survival.

Are you retarded?

Japan is consistently 20 years behind. they still buy music on CDs.

For years, Japanese users on Steam were at like 1% or less. Recently it has become as high as 2.5%. This is a large potential market for publishers to tap into. A new opportunity to (re)sell their games to Japanese gamers.

yeah, that was one of the reasons the judgment games didn't port to steam until yesterday

When is the 3rd part coming out, and will it be a complete game by then?
Not sure if I should hold off on buying until then.

It is.
Many franchises have reportedly achieved good sales on steam, the team Asano games and the SaGa games in particular exceeded Squenix' expectations so PC is now high priority for them.

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once the pajeets discover it, it's over for us all

Because no-one is buying their shit from Epic.
They are just following the money.
Don't expect to see many more Epic exclusives of SE releases.

'eck on 'ips

his name is HighTension Gaijin
he's a Japanese streamer/Youtuber
he shaves his beard like that on purpose

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This. That shit killed Chaos Fantasy and Neo the world ends with you

That was actually topped by some white guy from Scandi: youtube.com/watch?v=jKvduCUd7qU

the main problem with Japan and Steam
is that they're a dub country like the US, and most games, as in the indie and AA sphere sometimes even the AAA sphere, rarely bother accommodate this

>Thanks, Square Enix-San! But where is Kingdom Hearts? You said it was on PC!


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>release all their game on the fucking EPIC GAME STORE!
They have more than a dozen games releasing this year on PC and only two of them aren't of Steam, with the vast majority not even being on EGS.

He supposed to be a tiger?

Steamchads, we WON

I remember Harada begging Japanese people to buy PlayStation, he probably wasn't the only jap AAA dev who wanted Japanese gamers to buy something outside Nintendo, looks like everyone gave up on Sony and is now pushing PC.

someone needs to spam this SE Steam tutorial at Tim's twitter.

What's his endgame?

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Not a single new game SE has announced recently is coming to EGS. Their only upcoming EGS release is Forspoken which is also coming on Steam. SE just got a fat check from Timmy then promptly fucked off.

Decades of history
the unmoving bedrock of the gaming industry

Do we think Sony pulled the trigger too early on their PS5 transition?

I think they should have had a better domestic strategy for it. Because it's quite clear now that ever since the PS5, the Switch just quickly encroached on the casual market while PC enticed a bunch of the potential core market too.

Square was a huge reason people jumped ship from Nintendo to Sony.
Sony instead spits on their entire fanbase by moving to Commiefornia and implementing shitty censorship practices on Japanese games only, so people like Niel Cuckman and other no talent hacks can dominate the industry.

Harada doesn't have a PS5 yet

Nintendo cant run half of the multiplatform games and nips are allergic to microsoft, ps5 cant be bought and sony spent too much time ignoring nips to please the ugly trannies and jews so is too late to conquer nips now so pc is the obvious choice

>tfw 19 yo account next month
I hope russians get genocided so we can go back to have fun in csgo and dota again

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I think it really was old farts as the higher ups getting swindled by western charlatans, not fully understanding how to interact with a global market and in platform exclusivity and the implications of said decision and the consequences of that money


>It's brilliant!

Problem is Sony realized they FUCKED UP but still won't fire neil cuckman for muh 6 gorrillions
If they want to survive get rid of trannies and kikes

lol it’s not going to be completed

PS5 is an american console.

They had to come out with new hardware because Microsoft was forcing them too and the PS4 is fucking ancient hardware wise. It has a laptop CPU from 2012 with a GPU on par with a ATI 7850.

CS1.6 has gotten a lot more quiet over the last few months...

They should hook people in japan up on steam by having special "public steam accounts" in internet cafes so people can be like wow, so many gamus

Why don't they give the url? steampowered.com is the only slightly confusing part of installing steam

Playstation brand has always been fueled on Japanese video games. The change to move HQ to commiefornia and all their bullshit practices that makes making Japanese video games difficult. No wonder even Square wants to jump ship after being Sony's top exclusive brand for almost 25 years.


isn't steam like, so big that it's basically the only thing that shows up when you google the word Steam?

Japanese IQ is entirely spent on:

Their fucked up language
How to wage slave

They literally don't understand PC's at all, 90% of them are on iphones and only play simple gacha games.

Thanks for the money Tim, no refunds.

Why the fucking japs not selling physical copies of pc games? They do it for eroge.

Sonybros... are we not enough?

so square enix think that little of their japanese audience.