Does this company have NOTHING in the pipeline to actually announce right now?

Does this company have NOTHING in the pipeline to actually announce right now?

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They have nothing worth playing beyond 2011 besides DMC 5 and monster hunter

Street Fighter 6

They announced DD2 and MH6 is in the works, so that's all I need. They obviously are unable to come up with a new IP however.

mega man 11

Resident Evil 2357648 and that crap dinosaur game. What happened to the good shit in the leak like the Final Fight remake and the new Ace Attorney?

Capcom makes the least amount of money compared to literally every other Japanese company.

forgot that even existed

making Corridor games takes time, Chud

Dragon dogma 2 teasers?
All we got is a 2 sentences mention at the end of an anniversary celebration FFS

They actually make more money than Sega. Sega is doing that bad.

You didn't like the character creator for SF6?

>Dragon's Dogma 2
>Street Fighter 6
>Resident Evil 4
>Village DLC

i am simple hunter
i hunt monsters
they gave me more monsters to hunt

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>this post made by seething Konami employee
It's over, you faggots lost Kojima and now you're fucking done in this business

Capcom tend to do announcements and marketing a year before release these days. The DD2 announcement was likely Itsuno wanting to give fans something on the 10th anniversary. Capcom leaks had it slated for Q2 2022 and all we have so far is the barest of announcements. Covid did a number on game devs, everything was pushed back and delayed considerably.

Konami is unironically making more money off video games than ever

they do be bussin tho

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didn't they literally just show off a bunch of SF6 stuff and give a date for a CBT?
and we know DD2 is being worked on, and the next MH

wtf are u on about?

what are you talking about? they announced a bunch of stuff last year and are giving periodic updates on them
>Street Fighter 6
>Dragons Dogma 2
>new Monster Hunter
>Resident Evil Village DLC
>RE4 remake

what more do you want? if they announced more shit I would honestly be worried that it's either A) half a decade away or B) going to be bad quality because the company is being spread too thin

if you want to complain about something then bitch at Konami, who held a TGS conference to say "we're doing an HD remaster of Suikoden 1 and 2!.....and that's it, bye!"