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I don't remember but does he ever gementioned again after this?
And what happanes if you give him a gun?

Why were the quality of the pre rendered cutscenes so bad? They look like the cutscenes from Starcraft

He escapes alive and well, but I dont think you ever hear from him ever again

Did any of you save this faggot?
I didn’t cuz he dealt with a devil, led to many good people died, and got what he deserved.

If you save him he contacts you later on and gifts you $1000

>makes a guy kill himself right in front of you
>"please spare my life!!!"

Console limitations, they needed to be highly compressed to fit in one disc.
I'd prefer them all in-engine, but again cucksoles would have struggled aswell.

i did but holy shit i was mad about it a second later because the game decided he deserved my upgraded revolver

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But you can select what you give to him.

and the other choices were stun gun and tranq rifle, not the fucking pistol i could have replaced 1 minute earlier

It's odd that they put this in so late in the game, all your guns are heavily upgraded so parting with them is a big no. You can't even carry dublicates since they get converted to ammo.

Learn to let go, you'll get the plasma rifle later on.

but it's fucking shit

You literally only need the basic pistol and some grenades for 90% of the game anyway

I distinctly remember just buying a gun from the local vendor to give him

the game is too short, you get the lazer and plasma rifle and all that shit and get to use it for like 5 minutes in the cod zombies level and maybe the research facility right before you get in the rocket if that.

>you get the lazer and plasma rifle and all that shit and get to use it for like 5 minutes in the cod zombies level
that´s how they balanced HR

True, just like in the original.
Upgraded pistol is just so good.

That's probably what they were going for. If it was early on, when you were just carrying easily replaceable garbage, the choice would have been much easier.

No fucking way I'm giving this dude my 10mm and I didn't have anything else at the time but I did kill all the dudes that showed up so he totally should have lived.