Now that snoy is officially third party, what exactly went wrong?

Now that snoy is officially third party, what exactly went wrong?

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This, the fuck were they thinking?

Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan.

Jim Ryan
Telling Japan to go fuck itself
Too many movie games with Troy Baker crying in a forest

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They killed Parappa and Ape Escape franchise

I don’t pay attention to Sony, what is going on?

you coping again

>going third party LE BAD
who cares? Less exclusives the better

Their policies

>implying it's a bad thing

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You mean Xbox.

I can't imagine how fucking cucked you have to be to own a Playstation 5

making their games too expensive to develop

this is the inevitable result of obsessing about visual fidelity over anything else but you niggers don't want to hear the truth

>No small games
>Not focusing on PS iconic characters and game series
>No actual game diversity

But console games still look like shit

Art stlye aside, DeS remake is higher fidelity than anything on PC and it'll stay that way for years.

Nintendero sisters... We won!

Remember when sönyggers said Nintendo will go third party? They went from that to this in less than one generation.

By the mouth dies the fish, niggers.

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Abandoning scrimbo bimblos.