Dragon Quest X is out, how come nobody is talking about it? No MMO trash this time

Dragon Quest X is out, how come nobody is talking about it? No MMO trash this time.

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Who gives a shit when they turned into a cutesy chibified version. I have zero interest in a butchered version of a video game. Honestly, the amount of time wasted on new fucking models when they could have utilized the originals is beyond me.

Japan only plus apparently it's a glorified add for the online version.

I want a big Oni wearing geta to claim me as their husband! I love red and blue skin!

translate it for me bitch

The duality of man. You see people complaining that the 3ds version of DQ11 never made it to the west all the time and how it has far more soul.

To be fair in that game the chibi versions actually did have more elaborate facial and body animations, maybe to compensate the chibiness. Could X be the same case?

I would be more forgiving to this offline version if say 2 years later they announce a western release that includes both the "chibi" version and a version more accurate to the original vision, models and all. This seems highly unlikely I realize.

It just does not feel right to receive this version years after the fact. DQ11 on 3DS was not an afterthought created years later it was in development in parallel so I would argue this situation is a little different.

Se wants me to pretend DQX never existed for the west and we skipped games to DQ11 so that's what I'm gonna do.

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From what Ive seen is a proper game
It has real DQ mechanics too instead of the retarded DQX ATB shit
Also has great difficulty options like 11 did

Its funny because the proper models are in the game but only in the cutscenes

>Dragon Quest X
Its out? Where do I get it in English on pc?

Because it's objectively worse than the PC version you can play RIGHT NOW with MORE CONTENT for ABSOLUTELY FREE. And without hideous chibi models.

Hilarious, I'm crying.

I think he means like how this game only goes up to the first expansion or so and then after that you get an option to transfer your character to the MMO to continue the other expansions. Aka "glorified ad".

Still you got the whole maingame and like 1 expansion here.

This game is just the base DQX, you don't get the first expansion. If you play the online version, the free trial lets you play the whole first expansion as well as the base game.

Didnt they say they will sell DLC of the other expansions? Even if they dont its still a DQ game with plenty of features, if you pretend the MMO never existed and this came out on 3DS and now its getting a re-release with HD cutscenes people would be fine with it

So you get the maingame then. Still a whole game, expansions are just expansions so calling it an ad is just disingenuous.

Not being an MMO and actually being a real game is a genuine plus in my book.

The online game is up to expansion 4 or so at this point. It's a glorified ad that's WORSE than a free ad you could already play for the past few years.

>b-but it's not an MMO
You haven't played the game.. It's just DQ but you see other people running around, you think they really changed that much for the "offline" version? They just cut out content and quests you didn't have to do anyway.

>You haven't played the game
Now you're just taking shit out of your ass. I have played the game for a while before moving on. And before you blame it on the language barrier I play XIV with Japs so I'm fine with using Japanese online.

>is against mmos
>plays ffxiv