>Series X
May as well have sent $60 to Capcom yourselves, Bamco.

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Seething Tendie

>SF6 is on Switch
That's news to me.

Based bamco telling poorfag to upgrade or die

>Harada costing the company millions because he’s an unrelenting Snoy


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How is putting the game on PC and Xbox being a "snoy"?

Harada said in one of those fighting game panels that most of the Tekken players are on PC now

That's for most fighting games these days. MK might be the only franchise that is more popular on consoles, and that's only because it's the dude bro fighting game for xbox.

There is no way he can get away with exclusivity, the next best thing is to try and make people buy PS5's which he has been complaining about.



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>want to push the limits of what you are capable of instead of making ANOTHER cross gen title
>even make it available on everything
>ermmmmm SNOY??
you are a fucking retard user.

>Game is actually trying to be next gen
Any Forums logic

Pls have crossplay



It's going to play like it did back on PS1, I'm not buying a new system to see rain run down Kazuya's body.

based retard

considering every major game has it or has been adding it, and that SF6 will be launching with it, i will be STUNNED if Tekken 8 doesnt have it.

No shit retard games haven't changed much in general. That's not a tekken problem

God, I am so glad this game won't be limited by past gen garbage, fucking street retards releasing their game on 2013 console in 2022

soulless vs soul

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no it's very specifically a tekken problem. it's a series known for changing basically nothing per installment

>He buys consoles
LOL NGMI retard. I've never bought a console because PC is objectively superiror. Even then I wouldn't waste my money on Kekken casual dogshit. SFCHADS will always be #1

fortnite dances are so soulful

>. it's a series known for changing basically nothing per installment
Good. Maybe that's why it's still one of the few fighters worth a damn in modern era because they don't pander to retards

They won’t even confirm rollback which hints that it might not launch with it.

>complain when next gen has no games
>complain when next gen gets games
gas poorfags, I'm glad I don't have to be waiting for your shitty HDDs to load.

Why are you agreeing and calling me a retard, retard?

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Poorfags should just cope and get a PS5 when they save enough wagie bucks

On the left Anime Inspired, On the right American Inspired lmao

im just going to wait and see on the online system before judging
please dont make me load the entire match asset everytime I want to rematch some cucks online

>it's a series known for changing basically nothing per installment
kinda based. will probably buy 8 now

Where? Harada is pretending that 7 has rollback, why wouldn't he just lie about 8 having it too?

Games consoles have been obsolete for more than a decade. Get with the times and buy a PC.

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IGN interview.

He refused to outright confirm or deny rollback when asked.

Man sometimes I just wanna sit on my sofa and play a game on my big screen tv.

Typical console monkey can't think his way around non issues.

Is that street fighter on the right? Society has collapsed.

I have sex, I'm not bringing a girl back to a PC.

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>let's appeal to boomers VS let's appeal to zoomers

its called steam link