Why can't Japanese developers make good FPS games?

Why can't Japanese developers make good FPS games?

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Their slanted eyes make it hard for them to have good locomotive senses

this game was so good very worthy of the sac line

I don't remember when any other developer made a good FPS game.

all the popular FPS games have PC roots

except for Halo I guess

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It was originally a MacOS game.

Because they're too creative. FPS are generic low effort games. You have basic systems that are present in every game. Every FPS is pretty much the same, with very minor differences. RPGs and Puzzle games are way more diverse and allow you to come up with unique systems.

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Japs are proven to suffer worse from motion sickness from FPS games, and also Japanese men are pathetic and need kawaii waifus in their games to avoid the crushing loneliness of being kissless virgins

idk, they made a good first person fighter but with the worst gunplay i've ever had the displeasure of experiencing

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They're better at making kino light gun games instead.


too bad they dont make them anymore

The west completely owns the puzzle genre.

>Steven's Sausage Roll
>Zachtronics Autism Fest

I can go on, where Japan just does remedial Sokoban games till the end of time.

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Never heard of those other games so they can't be all that good.
>Puyo Puyo
>Katamari Damacy
just to name 3