The great debate

The great debate.

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Both are great. Both go to shit at 2.
But for me, it's FEAR

Condemned is a great game but FEAR is one of the best fps games ever made
It's not even close

Too bad I can't enjoy [F.E.A.R.] in the year [2022].
Game's levels are too samey.

you WILL run through an office for 50% of the game and you WILL enjoy it

what debate?

This. You really need to find Paxton who is now at a different location

Trepang2 awaits us, brother. The promised land.

>Not the same
End of debate.

Condemned 2 is flawed and not as good as the first but it is leagues better than Fear 2.

Condemned is a better game plus it had a better sequel
sorry but not sorry


Great gameplay but needs substance.
What do we even know about it so far? What is the story? I would love supernatural elements similar to FEAR, but not sure if they want to copy it that much.

It's interesting. The original demo had some FEARish scary stuff in it, but a new demo of the same area cut the scary stuff out. Don't know what's up with that.

I wouldnt say that the original demo had scary stuff, but it definitely had something strange going on. Have not checked out anything since then.
It's gonna suck if it's just going to be a regular shooter with a generic story. F.E.A.R. is a great game but it wouldnt be nearly as recognized without the horror.

Agreed, but either ways, I have no doubt it's gonna be an incredible game. The first proper F.E.A.R. style shooter (even if it has no horror) in over a decade.

Played through the entire game, enjoyed it but still can't tell what the fuck was I doing in there or where I was.

Why should I be scared about a little girl haunting me?

condemned 2 is alright
the gameplay was way better than the first one

FPBP. Both games are great, but fear wins because it has a more action packed gameplay and more light sources

I unironically enjoyed the game being mostly office levels. I wouldn't want it as an industry standard but as a one off game it was a fine choice.
Offices are very underrepresented in games compared to how much people spend time in them (at least did before the meme flu). Just trashing the place in firefights is oddly satisfying when you're usually careful about stuff like your walking posture in that environment.

Don't know chief, but Fear is the only game where even if I have a fucking shotgun on my hands I still get scared something's gonna happen, so I'll pick Fear,Condenmed is alright but the former is better