So since Bleach is coming back and it has a confirmed game

And it will be triple a quality.
Will it be an arena fighter like Dragon ball xenoverse and Naruto?

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I hope for an influx of high quality Rukia porn.

The best thing for Bleach would be a game like Fighterz, 3vs3 and all, maybe with other similar manga characters as bonus like Yu Yu Hakusho and Jujutsu Kaisen.

>bleach is coming back

Fuck bleach.

>I hope for an influx of high quality Rukia porn.
Because it's kino.

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the only bleach updates i want is word that kubo was found dead in a fiery auto wreck

But will best girl be in it?

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The last time I cared about Bleach was in highschool when they were embarking on a journey to save Rukia. I'm surprised they've managed to milk the cow this long.

Rare Rukias. I want.

and her sister who is also best girl?

Freaking cooners.

I'd like a game with a Shinigami CaC and you have to try out for squad membership and learn kido and shit, have it set before the series so you don't get murdered by Quincies.

Too bad. You're only gonna get an influx of low-quality Rukia porn.

I want grimmjow on Orihime forced or the cat girl with the dyke

>not Yoruichi

based fellow isane enjoyer

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I would like that Sony would realease a collection with all of their Bleach games (a lot actually) localiced. It won't happen tho