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>yoshi's island
>monkey ball
Pretty good but all that kiddy shit in the 2000's is cringe.
>halo 2 and 3
The only good game ever made and halo 2. Very based user, however reach, 5, and infinite are kusoges
Interesting world wasted on some of the worst combat in video games. Also fill the rest of the chart faggot

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Nice to see people using my format

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Is the New Stanley parable that much different to the old one? I was thinking it was a remake and a couple new endings

It's an expansion to the original with a large chunk of new content

When do you break out of your mold, user?

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Jesus Christ.

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Crazy that there isn't a single Zelda game on that list and Zelda has won like a billion GOTY's before.

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Thats a good format. And your completed list is a little bit Nintendo friendly but overall well selected!

No, but i've only played a handful of 2022 games so i imagine my pick will change soon. Also i would put original stanlely on there but MGR is too good.
Baste user.
Really hope this is bait.

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last 3 years have been hell

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>Criticizing OP for playing kiddie games, calling OP a faggot
>Final Fantasy
Kek, you ARE a faggot. Shit fucking taste

Can't really compare my picks to pokemon mystery dungeon, smash shit, viva pinata, and fucking kirby.
Outer wilds and bloodbored are in my backlog

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what did you use to add titles ?

based viva pinata enjoyers

>Not Shadow of Mordor
>Not Shovel Knight
>Not Mario Kart 8
>Not Far Cry 4
>Not Stick of Truth
>Not Alien Isolation
>Not Smash for Wii U
>Not Destiny

Of all decent games that came out in 2014, you picked the shittiest one.

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what's wrong consolenigger, can't handle 3d blasters?

Fuck you, I'm not editing some chart
>1985 - Oregon Trail
>1986 - Castlevania
>1987 - Dungeon Master
>1988 - Ninja Gaiden 1
>1989 - Final Fight
>1991 - SF2
>1992 - Streets of Rage 2
>1993 - DOOM
>1994 - Killer Instinct
>1995 - Warcraft 2
>1996 - Civilization 2
>1997 - Goldeneye
>1998 - Grim Fandango
>1999 - Tomb Raider 4
>2000 - Diablo 2
>2001 - ND: The Final Scene
>2002 - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
>2003 - Postal 2
>2004 - Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
>2005 - ND:Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
>2006 - Bully
>2007 - Peggle
>2008 - Farcry 2
>2009 - Plants VS Zombies
>2010 - Civilization 5
>2011 - Witcher 2
>2012 - Assassins Creed 3
>2014 - South Park - Stick of Truth
>2015 - Witcher 3
>2016 - World of Warcraft: Legion
>2018 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider
>2019 - The Takeover
>2020 - Streets of Rage 4
>2021 - Farcry 6

Damn, interesting to see the quality dry up to fast at 2017-Now