Epic Games Store is shi-

Epic Games Store is shi-

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>still exclusive to EGS
Yeah, shit

was "cracked" day one imagine paying for this shit lol

Not allowed to play games there or something?

How do I make sure it has all the updates if I pirate it? Genuine question, not a gotchya

godfall sold more than kingdom hearts


There are no updates

All forgotten.

Shit, I don't even know.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has had four updates on Playstation, including content additions, so I'm to believe there is at least one for PC


Read the description and compare to official one, duh.
Or you pirating on 2000 shareware sites?

no it hasn't, lyin cunt

I would buy this garbage on steam but instead it has sat on epic for ages and most people are still unaware it is on PC

wow look at all these games I won't play because that shit's gay and a headache to even play in proper order
imagine being so obtuse in games that you're just as bad as buying hitman 3 and require a guide just to know which games you should play in which order

You are actually retarded.

No, but KH is.

I am the biggest Kingdom Hearts Fan in the world, and have been waiting for KH to be on true PC my entire life and I STILL refuse to use epic.

go fuck yourself

>reddit spacing
>completely retarded
checks out

>durrrhurrr ur stoopid because u don't like confusing and retarded naming
okay retard

See OP's image? Go from left to right and play all the games. Wow that was hard, retard.

Did you know that Neo TWEWY is on PC? Probably not, because Square gave it zero marketing and sent it out to die on EGS and then complained it didn't meet sales expectations.

square is retarded as fuck? no way

moot used that kind of spacing
you are a shill from epic games.

I am reporting you to your HR for doing a bad job and being obvious to spot.