Videogames are d-

>videogames are d-

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Didnt they fuck up the textures on a lot of things with the remaster? Also DSFix is free and has been for a long time


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What it was? Are devs were too lazy to reimplement a VFX and just took it from DS3?

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There are a lot of things that look worse in the remaster, but DSFix doesn't fix the huge performance drops with particle effects that occur regardless of your PC.
I'll post some comparisons I took, I tried to match the brightness levels as close as I could without making them look washed-out, they're very different with default settings.

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nah, just the new lighting and the lava effect near the Vamos blacksmith suck dicks. For the rest, you're basically paying 40 bucks for a small amount of QoL gameplay changes.


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I should note, the Original is using VSSAO2 and 1080p dof resolution with dofbluramount at 1, which seemed to achieve a similar level of blur as completely stock settings.

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Remastered looks better imo. A lot of people associate high contrast with good graphics. Remastered also has a more consistent color tone.


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it looks better but not by enough that it would justify me buying an entire new game

I'd say it's a sidegrade, neither really wins consistently.
In this example, you can see remaster's textures are clearly less detailed and the sun is going nova for some reason
Granted the sun bugs out and goes invisible at times in original with DSFix
I'd still prefer the remaster for actual gameplay though, the drop in the original are really bad.

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It's interesting that the two have virtually identical CPU/GPU usage in most cases, despite completely different APIs and implementations of AO

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The cheap fire gif they replaced the original bonfire fire with is just awful, desu. Wonder what they were thinking.

newbird, sans frampt

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Last ones, original
(I really prefer original flora)

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And Remaster
The small tree next to the player is almost completely camoflauged here, really doesn't look good.

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Tfw played the superiour Switch version with the original effects

Switch version has crippled audio

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aren't there mods that restore some of the visuals for remastered?