Game had romance

>game had romance
>main girl isn't a virgin

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Man I hate women.

If I had a girlfriend a very long time ago am I still a deflowered person?

>it's bad to want a experienced woman
>being the first one just because you want to be in someone's memories
you're just a selfish bitch

>it's bad to want a experienced woman
women and men aren't equal. Even playboys desire virgin women

Imagine not having sex when you were a teenager. Having your hormoes pumping, the girls start developing, all that bunny-tier fucking. You missed out.

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>Missed out
You cant miss out if you never even had a chance to begin with.

Virgins are terrible fucks.

>by 21
well fuck you too.

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Why should a woman completely abstain from sex just for some insecure autists who are intimidated by it. Sex is a normal human biological activity. Get over yourself.

Knowing that you have been given something she can never give again is a feeling only 1% of the population will ever experience.

user women dont care what autistic virgins think so your whiteknighting wont get you any pussy points.

>tfw lost at 16

Literally these.
Hmm i f*ngered a virgin. Thats enough for me desu. She would have been terrible in bed.

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This. People don’t realise just how bad young ppl sex was in the 90’s and early 00’s. Skinny White girls, especially scene/emo girls, would just lie on their backs like a dead fish and expect the man to do all the work. It was awful. It wasn’t until later that white girls started to use their ass and hips during sex.

>first time for both of us
>She was hurting if I did almost anything, both us us didn't know what to do, I shot like 10 minutes in because the idea of sex was more stimulating that the sex itself
Virgin sex is the absolute lowest tier.


Yes. Kill yourself normalfaggot.



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I am more of a chud guy.

tits or gtfo

I would never date a virgin, I want somebody with experience

Because the dev wants my money.