What is Any Forums's take on Celebrity Faces?

What is Any Forums's take on Celebrity Faces?

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Put more of them in games so modders can rip them for Honey Select/Blender

fine for one character, but seeing debra wilson's face in three different games honestly takes me out

It's OK so long as it's ASIAN GORL

Kara is a miracle of the universe.

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It's a waste of budget and only the fags would want to buy a game more for having them in it.

It's the logical extension of celebrity voices, which have been great in the past.

what does the real face model person look like?

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Surely we want to see Deborah Wilson again?

scanned faces tend to look weird and highlight how far we still are from achieving believable facial animations and lighting in video games.
who's the cutie in OP pic?

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Celebrity Faces are interesting and all, but what about Sawa-sensei?
How dare you forget her sacrifice

She looks like a teacher i had in my childhood, only the good memories i have from that time.

for me the re5 era was the best balance. faces were referenced from models or vas but not an uncanny scan that also needs performance capture and more lighting passes to look good. you got the advantages of a reference without artists being as tied to reality or needing to cast the same people (or have weird results)

ruined nioh 2 with gay idol contracts.

vin diesel butcher bay was nice.

What happened with Nioh?

the face for nioh2 was expensive and nioh 2 doesnt even get much money.


> killing bullies who made their victims commit suicide is actually not a bad thing

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Literally only Yakuza and David Cage games can make it look good. It's an uncanny abomination when any other studio tries it.


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