"baaaww Microsoft is being unfair with Call of Duty"

>"baaaww Microsoft is being unfair with Call of Duty"
>Meanwhile Sony, for the past two decades
God, I hope Microsoft takes more than just CoD.

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Octopath is by square enix not Sony retard.

And who do you think pays Squenix for their exclusivity?

It’s also being released on PC and the Switch retard.

Sony pays to keep them out of Xbox. And it's always been like this.

Maybe it's because,you know,the first game sold 5 copies on xbox

It was on Game Pass
I put in like 70 hours on Xbox and now I can't play the second game because Sony paid off Square
This sucks

>Sony pays Square to keep it off Xbox
>But not the switch
This has to be bait, no one can be this stupid.

>knows xbox won't get japanese games
>buys one anyways

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Or, you know, Sony knows they can't compete with Game Pass.

I hope Microsoft takes more than just CoD at this point.

Who paid Square to make Octopath 1 skip PS4? Nintendo or Xbox?

Octobore 2 should skip being made.

I'm playing these at work, on my phone.

What's that about the no Japanese games again? Can you play your playstation at work?

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They actually start to licking asian ass in latest showcase.

Switch is unstoppable
They would have to pay insane amounts to keep it off Switch

As hard as it is to believe that is actually a thing:

Notice that is just the xbox thats being blocked. Its just crazy stuff

>for some reason
While yes, everything should be ported everywhere if you can't think of a reason not to put a very Japanese game on a dudebro American console who is consistently the loser of the race I don't understand how you are mentally capable of even pretending to be a journalist.

Konami and Sega don't seem to have a problem showing the Xbox logo on their trailers, unlike the company whose Sony owns a part of.

Why even buy a xbox, just get a pc

>all those games that were played years ago

Guess how much you need to pay to block a Switch port (mege sales) or an Xbox port (small sales). The guess how much money Sony has.

And that you can't play on the go, unlike me.

Holy shill

It was in GP and it had a lot of downloads and plays. It is one of the most played Jap game in the service. MS pays extra if many people download and play your game.

Danganronpa is old as fuck and easily emulated by any phone

We dont need videogames going full netflix

I love Octopath and am buying the second day one but no one is buying a fucking playstation for Octopath

We don't need videogames to stay trapped inside 600€ paperweights either.

CoD is old news, Fortnite is the new trend

Are you talkig about xbox?

Revenge, bitches.

>like why would anybody play this?"

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How did that snoozapalooza get a sequel


That is what they said about internal HDDs for consoles yet here we are.

No, that one has game pass and I can play my save files just fine on my phone or laptop. Also my Xbox was €300.

>who Sony owns part of
So Scamco and Squeer also only put things on Switch? They (also) own part of them.