Warhammer 40k (Magic Arena)

Is this cool or what?

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>Warmaster of Chaos

The Magnus card is dope. Will see a lot of play as a spell slinger commander.

I hope they make a future loyalist commander deck. I'd 100% build a Dorn wall tribal.


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I mean Tzeentch is blue as fuck. Id say Chaos contains blue, its an amoral color.

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Would be insanely broken if it had access to white.

they finally did that
they added straight up guns in magic

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>tfw spent $400 on Godzilla cards and didn't get the cards I wanted

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>2 bears kill w40k inquisitor

>3 squirrels

flintlocks on the same level as cannons
and capenna had weird lightning guns

This card seems so good as a lord that I'm considering putting it into my esper zombie tribal even though it's off tribal.

I mean this set is technically no-canon. But Kamigawa straight up has mechs in it.

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oh yeah
i skipped new kamigawa and fucking forgot it existed

I wish it didnt exist. Cringest set to date.

>Be'lakor, called the "Dark Master," is the first Daemon Prince of Chaos, a servant of Chaos Undivided, and "Father-in-Shadow" to the current thirteenth Everchosen of Chaos Undivided, Archaon.
>He is known by many other names, including: the "First Damned," the "Harbinger," the "Lord of Torment," the "Messenger of the Great Undivided," the "One Who Heralds the Conquerors," the "Foretoken" and the "Bearer."
>Shivan Dragon
40K OP as fuck

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As long as this... thing has creative control over mtg, it will never be cool

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Any worthwhile reprints outside Fabricate?

Look at this degenerate robot.

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Bad card, but cool as shit.

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>colours aren't same as his legion colours

herald's horn is getting up there, and Chaos Warp is there as well. I don't see much else beyond that.

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>cards designed for [format]
Instant trash

i can't believe they made hoi playing red/blue cannon

Why would Abaddon be blue?
Because he's not a moron?
Because he "leads armies"?

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Why not fantasy or shitmar? It would fit better thematically

I don't think the people who wrote the rules know why Kharn is called the "betrayer".