With Starfield releasing any day now, let's discuss Todd's upcoming magnum opus

With Starfield releasing any day now, let's discuss Todd's upcoming magnum opus

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I hope they don't waste time with dlc so they can get to tes6 faster

I hope we get some cool mods that turn all the empty planets into places worth exploring


Il love goimg into this shit, encounter the same bugs i did in skyrim and fallout 4 never finish it because of the sexy alien sidequest and forget about it in 2-3 months

How do you know the planets will be empty?

Todd said you can be a genderfluid

There's 1000 of them. That basically guarantees they'll all be shit.

will prolly be shit desu

I hate space. I hate this existence. Fallout 4 was disaster

And? Of all the things we saw is that what gets you hyped?
You can't possibly know that.
What if they are packed with content?

they said the story will be based around a handful of handcrafted, fleshed out planets. The AI generated ones will just be for exploration and sidequests. Like in Fallout you have a few major cities and then tons of half-assed settlements. I'm not overly cynical about this, I don't see how else they'd have done it.

yes as a genderfluid I am glad to feel represented and welcomed in a mainstream videogame

>How do you know the planets will be empty?
It's a simple fact of game development. 1000 planets with tens of thousands of square kilometers of surface area means there isn't enough time or storage capacity to fill all those areas with unique content. No Man's Sky is the best example of how it works, but truly any open world will suffice. There will always be vast open areas of little content in order to expand the scope of a game based on exploration.
Also, Todd admitted to it already, saying that there are huge empty iceballs made with procedural generation that the player can explore if they want to, but that nothing will be there. It's purely optional as a means to give the player more freedom to be dumb and waste time for their own enjoyment.
Pic related, you can likely walk for irl hours and not come across anything except some resource nodes and spawned creatures.

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Empty planets is what I'm hoping for. I'm sick of being able to stand in an ancient ruin lost to time and being able to see an ancient ruin lost to time on the next hill


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i hope i can manage my grandfleet while cuddling in the capital ship with my harem

nothing they've shown has wowed me so far. the environments look empty and there are no signs of being able to use spaceships in atmosphere or boats/cars on the surface which would make traveling boring. the combat is bad, not much more to say on that. the skills look like more of the same. story doesn't seem all that interesting so far (go find alien artifacts, uncover what they mean), and the settlement building stuff looks like more of the same.

i hope the gunplay can be improved with difficulty tweaks or mods or something, it looked real sluggish and unresponsive. the rest didn't look amazing either but it seemed like solid bethesda fare that'll occupy me for a while which is all i really expected.