Announcement in three hours and thirty minutes

Announcement in three hours and thirty minutes...

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next stream will be a recap

You will be ashamed of your words and deeds.

It's ogre. nothing is happening.

>Silent Hill
>is on a completely flat terrain

Well yeah
the hill is silent what did you expect?

>Silent Hill
>filled wirh loud industrial noises

Kojima was never fired. Silent Hills and the real MGS5 are coming.
>the only supposed employee of bluebox studios is hasan kahraman which translates to hideo and has the initals of hideo kojima
>kojima posted album cover for atmosphere by joy division which features a snowy forest, the lyrics of atmosphere include "Abandoned too soon"
>hasan said he's been working with sony SINCE 2015
>hasan word for word said his game will have a PLAYABLE TEASER = PT
>bluebox's social media were created in 2015, the same year tpp was releaed
>the bluebox youtube channel banner features a foggy mountain that looks like it was from the same location scouting kojima did for silent hills in 2014
>the address for the supposed "studio" are some rundown houses
>this literal who studio will have their own dedicated ps5 app to show trailers
>in the trailer of KILL THE TRESSPASSERS, a tree trunk blocks the letters "PT" = SILENT HILLS TEASER
>konami are teasing new silent hill merchandise
>bluebox's catalogue of games are nothing but asset flips
>hasan's psn nickname is "sneaky warrior" (solid snake)
>geoff replied to a tweet on konami's silent hill merch advertise saying "hasan is keeping me waiting"

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user... Bluebox was confirmed to be an investor scam...

Who Am I?

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Kojima has played you well. The point of the deception is to make people like you write it off as an indie developer trying to ride Kojima's coattails. You've been played well, you're a follower, I'm a leader, you need people like me to show you the truth. The Abandoned app has many more placeholders for other trailers. People like you cant retain information for more than five seconds which is why you jump to such moronic conclusions, Del Toro confirmed that he and Kojima were making Silent Hills at the 2021 VGAs yet you all just stick your fingers in your ears and pretend you're not listening.

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>Kojimbles teases new game with mysterious website right before the tgs began
I want to believe!

It's funny I just finished silent hill 1 the other day...
I'm still not expecting anything good to come out of this rotten industry though.

even if anything comes it's going to be just as bad as the original hd collection but worse in fact you should expect a memory leak and it crashing every 15 minutes

Are you sure?

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source? I thought Konami was done for today

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Their main event is in about two hours.


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