Square Enix Are shitting out at least 10 games before the end of the year

What's their issue?

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Don't care, only buying FF13, FF13-2 and FF13: LR

>What's their issue?
Avengers flopping

Isn't FF14 still the only profitable thing they have? Probably just trying to throw out as much shit as possible to make as much money as they can

Shit taste

Curious about Diofield Chronicle, but I'll wait for reviews.

Buying Triangle Strategy for a second time. That game is just great and I want some sort of sequel (That isn't a direct story sequel, Final Fantasy style).

Isn't that a good thing? They really don't suit the whole AAA games model.

SE games all look too similar. It makes it hard to know which ones are actually fun.

cope tranny


Even AA games like Diofield and Triangle Strategy are going for full retail price, so ridiculous.

They're just publishing some of those games

why do they all have the same font

There's a demo for Diofield


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they're desperate for something to stick. And from what I've seen of Diofield and Harvestella, their games are still disgustingly shallow trash


I bought Live a Live and Triangle Strategy but didn't even start them yet because backlog.
I played DioField demo and want the game on day 1. Never played Romancing SaGa (1) and Tactics Ogre, and I am interested about Harvestella nad Star Ocean 6.

Fuck my life.

Saturating their own market and blaming poor sales when they kill the series.

They at least making games.

only interested in star ocean
other ones are too low budged

I love tactics ogre but 70$ for a halfassed psx hd remaster
What were they thinking?

The only good game there is 13-2. Honestly? It might even be one of my favorite RPGs from this company.

strike while the iron is hot [ie, before rabid ff14 fans become jaded in natural mmo life cycle]

I guess you're their perfect customer.

I thought they had a partnership deal with Epic for their games now, what gives?