Dishonored was a goddamn masterpiece

Dishonored was a goddamn masterpiece

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I never get tried of replaying it and experimenting with the different powers. Makes me want do another one right now.

It was really good. Dishonored 2 was also very good, even if less so. And so was Death of the Outsider. Fuck you, Any Forums

Teleporting kinda trivialized it though.
>doing brewery mission
>decide what I am doing is fucked up, plaguing this cure is wrong even if it is dilluted
And everything went better than expected.

I agree, I loved all 3 of them

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Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

Nope, you just didn't play the games it copied most of it's elements from, decades prior.
So I suppose that if you have very little experience with games outside of modern games and AAA, you see it as something special.

to a point it does but at the same time who cares the tall legged boys are cheap

Give me a break. Not him, but I played all the Thief games (3 is shit, by the way, not just 4, way worse than the Dishonored games), I played System Shock 2, I played the Deus Ex (Invisible War is also worse than Dishonored) and the Ultima Underworlds. All before I played Dishonored.

Even if Dishonored doesn't stand at the top of all of them, it easily belongs with those names as long as you aren't a nostalgiafag.

Nice try, corvo.

Indeed. I believe so.

Never doubt it

>it's another episode of boomers being nostalgic and not being able to move on
Sorry, Bioshock and Prey are more appealing than System Shock; Dishonored is more appealing than Thief. And the new games have less clunky gameplay.
Cope more.

Taking elements from other games doesn't make it bad though. If anything, taking elements and actually refining them is what makes it good. I've always said, it doesn't matter who did it first, it matter who does it best.

>Dishonored is more appealing than Thief
I wouldn't say that, but Dishonored is, if not on the same level, then not much below it either.

It's ok to enjoy new things that capture the same tier of quality as the old things.

It was very, very good.
Not a masterpiece though.

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I wish they'd make Dishonored 3 but what would even that be about?

Well yeah, I can see the appeal, it might have deeper stealth mechanics or something.
But I am really tired of the boomer mentality that you are not allowed to enjoy newer games that are inspired by the older ones.

They already fucked the lore with 2 and DotO. Raphael Colantonio is gone too so it's gonna be shit.
And 3 should be about the Pandyssian continent, although it is probably better left to our imagination.

Forget the old protagonists. They had their time in the sun. New protagonist in Tyvia.

I'm admittedly not up on the Dishonored lore from the comics and books and I've heard a bunch of conflicting reports on what happened, but a Church of Overseer character getting the mark from whatever chaotic force replaced The Outsider after some sort of plot against him would be neat.

>They already fucked the lore with 2 and DotO

The lore wasn't remotely raped enough for there not to be any space for cool shit to happen in Dishonored 3, you overdramatic cunt.

As for Raphael Colantonio, Dishonored 2 >>>>>Weird West. Enough with the attempt at discrediting Harvey Smith.