This game aged like putrid milk, gameplay wise

This game aged like putrid milk, gameplay wise

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it already felt it's age last time I replayed it 10 years ago, has to be pretty shitty now

aged a lot better than those Character action game like god of war or devil may cry

it was painful to play on pc

It was garbage day 1

It really fucking didn't. I loved it, your just shit at the game. The only reason I'm bumping your thread is for ass creeds

After novelty of seeing a bunch of people walking around wears off, it becomes pretty obvious how shallow the entire game is. Then they remade it several hundred times over the course of the decade.

Your brain is diseased.

>t. ubishill making older ass creed games look trash so people think your newest games aren't actually that in fact

It was fucking great, recently replayed it
no distractions, limited set of tools, and actual, professional assassins
very classy, love visiting bureaus and doing recon

AC1 to Rev still has the best parkour in the franchise and that's really sad

And I mean ACTUAL assassins vs templars,

It's incredibly fucking tedious


Anything outside the ezio trilogy is just a execrable. They made approximately 2.5 good games for the series. Once it left Italy it just cratered

>by far the smootheset parkour
>basic inputs are unmatched for this type of game
>city wide alerts and bell system
>good alternance of point and click adventure in the present
>there is a bare minimum of attention to stealth
>you can actually lose fights
>no pseudo-RPG bullshit
>gameplay actually revolves around preparing and executing assassinations
>that city roof level design
The gameplay aged much better than its successors. Yes, including 2. When you had the best OST, the properly baked lightning and less retarded story it mogs them all. The game is simply very repetitive in the assassination preparation phase which makes it a chore to replay. If there's a mod to only have to do a couple of minimissions every time I would go for it.

I played this again a couple weeks ago with no minimap and without using the main map to highlight information and it was genuinely fun. The only bad thing is that cities are difficult to navigate since there are few landmarks to orient by, but it was fun traveling on the street on the look out for info all the time. That and jumping assassinations are not explained at all.

the latest asscreed is pretty much the same game though, they still have the same shitty mission formats

>you can actually lose fights
uuuhhhh bro??!?!?!? you're RT??!?!?! you're counter attack??!? you'er combo's?!?!?!
jerusalem... home...

I didn't say it was a hard game, nor did it need to be. But yes playing even as a HarDDCore gaymer you will lose here and there. I think I didn't lose not-on-purpose in AssCreed III.