Now that the cum has dried, I think it's safe to say it was a pretty entertaining game, even if short

Now that the cum has dried, I think it's safe to say it was a pretty entertaining game, even if short

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Are cum tributes still being made?

I thought it was kinda fun, but like every devolver game, its as shallow as a puddle

Do not fuck the lamb

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it was really boring and I only beat it out of that misguided feeling of obligation you might get when someone buys you a game you didn't ask for. the final fight was cool but even on the highest difficulty the game had nothing to offer.

Is this the most Reddit game of the year

>followers literally ask to eat your shit
yes it is

>Reddit game
What does that even mean

he doesnt know but he repeats buzzwords to feel like he fits in. its just a shallow level of tribalism to make him feel like this site is somehow better than any other internet site ever

the arguement that follows after that statement is that this site allows you to be a racist bigot, but hey its the only one of value even left.

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Game he doesn't like and is not happy about it being popular for a while therefore it must be reddit.

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Hopeful that "free dlc" they mention in dev roadmap talks becomes real and makes the game more substantial. I enjoyed lamb's game even if it was short and basic.

don't care about this easy as fuck anti-White, poop fetish game, just want to fuck the lamb (female).

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this, google isn't giving me anything, post a link

jesus my eyes feel tired, by the thumbnail i thought the lamb had a huge cock

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Waiting for something substantial before jumping into lamb's game again. Now that the patches seem to have slowed down it may be a hot minute before anything new/interesting.

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if you could make a game out of the phrase "trying too hard" it'd look like this, couldn't get into it, felt completely disingenuous like the dev was picking every extreme they could on purpose just to create some kind of dissonance

I headcanon that all the cult shit has left her deeply traumatized and it's my job to help her through it with my love

the music is great doe

If anything it was too long.
Stopped paying a whie after the second boss.
Didn't have enough variety.


How did this game spawn so much fanart and far more importantly, how does one gain this power?

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I NEED to nut in that chest fluff

>make a game
>make it kinda good
>add furries

gee that was hard to figure out