Game inventory is a physical object that you carry around

>game inventory is a physical object that you carry around

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best thread on Any Forums

My daughter dresses like this

What games?

get in here fellow lolicon community members UOOOHHH haha

Pokemon, at least in a few of them

yeah i really appreciate that. I don't like sonic shoving stuff up his butt.

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Vermin like you get gutted in prison


Cunny time

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Haha, you're such a kidder, user.

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where the retweet button bros :baw:

I wanna do very unholy things to your daughter

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>my morality aligns with violent criminals so I'm better than you

there was this video with sound of a girl(?) streamer playing a game that looked like dark souls and she was fighting crabs. she was saying ''kani, kani, baby kani!''. anybody have that clip?

hey user! *upvotes*

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There is no way that shit is still up.

you think child rapists are not violent?

>enemies can see what you're carrying

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I wouldn't know.

user, reddit is full of pedos. The only reason they even removed the pizza boards was because people threatened legal action. They were openly trading pics for a while

this, the jailbait board was almost a decade old

cunnybros are emojibros too? :BOOBA:

Cute chest

Uh oh?

This is my lawyer.

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NTA but fuck rape. Love and consent > all

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>Love and consent
doesnt exist

Neither does the character so it's all good.

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NTA, but there's no way that guy is real.

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But you have to teach them first before that can happen

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>If I show them that people on Redit also say uoohh and cunny maybe they'll stop liking Loli?
Keep on trying it might work one day newfag. it wont

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You can just go to the website and see. It's real.

toddlercon's too far

Cool thread, still not videogames tho.

If she's on the clock...

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is this saying it takes all the way until age 11 when you impregnate her?