Pick up VR headset for first time in 18 months when I beat HL Alyx

>pick up VR headset for first time in 18 months when I beat HL Alyx
>start up Boneworks
>force myself to play for 45 minutes
>watch physics glitch out as I try to stack a pile of boxes to climb something
>feel sick and bored, put down VR headset
Why did I buy this fucken thing

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Play vrchat and erp with femboys with deeper voices than you

It's worth it

boneworks shit. play outer wilds vr

>He actually bought into the meme.

physically filtered lmfao

>spent every Saturday getting drunk with friends and playing Phasmophobia in VR
>they release their vr "overhaul" back in early april
>completely fucks up the controls to the point where you spend more time fighting the controls than playing the game
>still haven't found a good replacement
I'm not even a horror fan but I just enjoyed it for some reason

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>buy Oculus Quest 2 at 250€
>buy Boneworks for 18€, apparently lowest I can get it (humble + choice discount)
>boot it up
>everything is so fucking magical, feel like a child again
>no glitches
Maybe you should upgrade your rig, user.

Try playing a good game

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As a guy who almost puked by standing still in windows mixed reality, yes it's a shit experience at first. You have to put in tons of autism to get your body to not feel bad.
Half life alyx is the best game to learn how to fight motion sickness tho.
The best suggestion would be to play with teleport + fade to black movement at first. Learn your surroundings, get comfy and most importantly do not sit. It won't help your body, it will just confuse him more.
When you don't feel ill anymore, remove the fade to black, just plain teleport will be fine, and repeat.
Untill you get to the smooth movement.
You can try using smooth movement, but you'll just fall on your knees or just smashing both your face and VR on the ground.
Smooth walking needs a lot of time to fight the motion sickness. Best advice is to use it for as long as you can and every time increase the usage.
For example, you should use it for 5 minutes the first time, then 10, then 15 and so on.

idk dude I just don't get motion sick unless I'm sitting down irl and moving slowly in games. maybe god said nah for you.

I managed to get over the motion sickness in 2 sessions, then again I'm always on my phone or something while riding the bus to/from work so that's probably most of the acclimation

Can confirm, only faggots and weak gene scrotes get motion sickness. There is the one guy that couldn't play FPS at work on his PC cause he gets motion sickness.

That helps a lot. Using a device while on a moving object like a bus, train or even a car helps a lot.
Using the mobile phone on the car is the same thing that gives motion sickness in VR, because the brain is telling you that you are not moving and looking at an image, but moving at the same time.

It took time, but now I can almost smooth walk in games.
The only time I almost crashed to the floor, was when I booted up Fallout 4 VR.

the bethesda vr games are so incredibly shit it's almost unbelievable even for them.

a different VR can't fix a medical condition
This is not sword art online

Did anybody else notice after their first session that they couldn't recognize their own hands any more?
Went away after a day or two, but man that was fucking weird

Yeah, it's like someone made them bad on purpose.
Like, in skyrim VR you had hands instead of the controllers
But in fallout 4 VR you don't even have controllers? What the fuck?
Do I really have to install hands mods?

A better framerate helps

You fell for the VR meme. It's ok, it happens.
Next step is to sell that shit somehow and make sure that you never forget this lesson.

That's not based on the VR
It's on how good your PC is
And the quest 2 internal hardware sucks ass
It's all low resolution and shit
And the lenses can be compared to the lenovo explorer ones
except the lenovo explorer sucks ass because the controllers needs a fucking nuclear reactor to stay on for more than 5 minutes, and the hinge sucks ass

Have you tried porn?
VRs are glorified porn machines, try it before giving it away
There are even tools for it, like the custom maid 2's controller, which is a fleshlight with haptic feedback inside, so you can feel the sex

I have never had a more disappointing nut than with vr porn

you fucked it up somehow man