Be a nioh chad

>be a nioh chad
>see a fromtroon
>tell him that he will never be body type b
>he joins the 41%
>play nioh with a smile on my face
life is good

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>be nioh chad
>can play any competitive genre
>play nioh to chill
>see soulsfags tryharding a singleplayer game with silly speedruns and 2 hour lore videos

Fromcucks btfo'd

Why Team Cringa fans can't make nonbait threads? Is it because their games are usually the cheap knockoffs of a trending/popular games?

Also the best in its genre, with the most challenging gameplay, fun and with the best lore of all

Post some big booby cuties

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>best in its genre
The only other competition is has is Nioh 1, Nioh is its own genre. Also I made a real Nioh thread

I wish elden ring had fleshed out the combat in a similiar vein to nioh, with all the bosses playing sekiro, the regular dark souls options of fighting just didnt cut it imo.

I also wish i felt like playing more nioh 2, but i feel like ive already played it to death.

>team cringa

Reminder that Nioh players should play Armored Core by Fromsoft, its very similar.

This, Nioh is actually an armored core-like

Wo long won't have male/female options

lick it

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No (maybe)

Should I start with Nioh 1 or 2?

I don't know, I started with both haha
Nioh 1 is more of a journey and Nioh 2 is more of a trip

If you start with 1 then go into 2 you'll get pretty burnt out, but eventually you should play both
1 has a unique flavour to 2, but 2 is superior gameplay wise

I love this threads because they appeal to my contrarian nature.

1 is very startable game (compared to Dark Souls), i.e. gameplay is intuitive and it's not barebones as fuck.
I have not played 2.

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So these attempts to pit Nioh against Souls is definitely some sort of discord gayop right

the only story related reason as to why you should play nioh 1 is because william is chad and some characters in nioh 1 are total bros, but besides that there is zero reason to play 1 when 2 is superior in every way
there is also one mission in 2 where they have you fight william, but that is like a bleach filler episode

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Yes. I basically just confirmed it if you've been keeping track.