The ass that saved Any Forums

The ass that saved Any Forums...

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you wish. keep pretending that game is good,
the only butt v cares about is vidya butts

Didn't save this dogshit game unfortunately

Lol I can't help but think of bbc

Pam was such a fucking dogshit chracter having an ass didn't make me give a shit about her.

Actual brainrot, your mind has become corrupted by degenerate thoughts, get a hold of yourself man!

Ahh panam

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wrong ass

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Booba = civilised people
Bunda = blacks

I love her so much bros it's unreal

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>Pam was such a fucking dogshit chracter

I don't think I've ever disliked a character in a video game as much as I disliked Panam. She literally has the personality of a spoiled 16 year old girl. And despite being insufferable and a psychotic fuckup practically the whole goddamn world simps for her all the time anyway.

nice ass
ugly face

>the whole goddamn world simps for her all the time anyway
That was my other problem with her
The game tries really, really fucking hard to make you romance her at every stage of her quest line despite picking choices she obviously won't like every time, right up until the final one, it felt forced as hell.

Soul, delicious, instaboner would eat everyday.
Soulless moetranny gacharbage. Poster probably has a trannie fantasy self inserting as her

would be really hot her being taken and bred by a black

Is panam a beaner?

I think she's supposed to be injun.

Assjob with jeans.

I heard Any Forums losing their shit over some character being transgender and I thought it was Panam, so I went her romance route expecting a fat cock, but it turns out she was just a woman, and I failed at being a contrarian fuck

Panam is trash like every other insufferable cunt those pollacks put in their games

If you romance Panam the game forces YOU to become the tranny. That's her sex scene. You get to go into a female body and feel yourself getting fucked with your own dick. It was the weirdest goddamn thing I've ever seen in a non-porn video game.