Is he still involved in video games

Is he still involved in video games

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he did this on purpose right?

why does his shirt say cuck?


I find him hot ngl

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Post it

Stop posting the photoshopped version. Here's the original

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Here's the unedited version

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alright you guys asked for it since no one has posed it yet

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>No, my shirt in my profile does not say say “funny,” it says “cunny uhhhh ohhhh” which is the opposite of anyone who uses that shitty term funny

>listen to Joe Rogan podcast with him as a guest
>actually a cool and a decent person

what the fuck Any Forums? And Mark Zuckerberg is also a pretty cool and innovative dude, differs from what everybody say about him.

the dog kills me every time

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Toppest kek

No, that scaly fuck steals your data and sell it to jews and the cia.

People used to like him. He just got really fucking weird in the late 2010s and also he was clearly pushing bullshit, guy basically pulled a John Romero for a little bit. Just seemed like he’d lost track of reality and was up his own ass, and deep in there at that.

I mean to be fair. john romero made the equivalent of Thriller for gaming
and cliffy B made thriller for the xbox
Thriller user... Thriller...

Yeah and Randy Pitchford was actually kind of popular for a bit too when Borderlands first took off but look at that guy, he’s so far up his ass you couldn’t get him out if you tried.

How to identify a poser. They existed then and they exist now. Ingenious people like him can be spotted a mile away now thanks to Twitter and selfies posted on a whim.

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Why are these people so assblasted about the term cuck? I can understand defending against racist, sexist and LGBT terms, but who the fuck is trying to defend cucks?

>Just seemed like he’d lost track of reality and was up his own ass, and deep in there at that.

nope. he broke the law