"vibrating with motion"

>"vibrating with motion"
Why is every video essayist shitting their pants over this? Are they all projecting their english teacher saying pleonasms are bad?
Alex saying this shows he tryhards at making any use of his liberal arts degree and that he's a post-modernist, hence he'll be a contrarian and do the opposite of what's considered "good writing".

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I would vibrate my penis with motion between Vella's fat tits and Chondra's ass

Cult. Classic.


bro if you write shake, you don't need to write vibrate, the entire sentence would've been fine if it just said "I sighed as the elevator began to vibrate with motion."

I haven't seen a single video about this game in my recommendations and I listen to them while playing vidya
Stop shilling your shit game


He said eliminate, not lemonade retard.

If that's the case, then the audio editing, much like the rest of YIIKES, is pure shit.

Maybe check your ears faggot


Probably because the whole game reads like a high school student trying to reach the word count on his 600 word essay

Maybe make a better game instead of huffing your own farts.

yiik is a parody isn't it? why are people so upset about it?

You can stop posting now, Alex Yiik. We know that's you.

Within the context it could be referring to vibrating with [the] motion [of the elevator travelling]
On the other hand a certified autist told me I definitely have the tism

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It's more likely to be Michael, since he's the one that spends more time on the forums. Or Rory, but I doubt it, since he's too much of a faggot.

Is there vibration without motion?

literary analysis is truly that midwit meme, you're just chasing the dragon trying to come up with new and novel ways to write things

sometimes things are just not that good, maybe it has a different meaning to him personally--that's the nature of words, they're just impressions, so masturbatory
just write what feels good and stop listening to terminally activated critics

Please explain to me the subjective meanings of 'vibrating with motion'.

Everything about rory in this game is hilarious
>voiced by some creepypasta youtuber that didn't want to do that and insisted on hiring real voice actor
>have shitty retarded haircut that either was at some point a hood or have that double irony of having a haircut looking like a hood under a hood
>useless in battle
>his mother is leg and it's played like a joke for no reason because most of his plotlines are played out very serious
>his whole character purpose is to show (tell literally) that yiik is a cunt, but when he antagonizes rory and people starts calling yiik bad, they didn't even try to speak with rory themselves and instead were around cunt alex
>no one cares about your stupid dead sister
Didn't play the game btw