Chun li. That is all

Chun li. That is all.

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my wife!


Damn she looks built
So lucky
You get to watch that ass get pounded by an specific type of male

Imagine the horse anus she must have between those legs


Yeah built like a horse.

Unf, if only her cheeks wasent so fat you would probably see it bulge out from her skintight clothes.

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My small white penis could never go through those fat bumpers

lucky for you she only fucks white men

>fucks shotas

Nice OP, very nice. HOWEVER

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I wonder if Juri and chun will finally admit their love for eachother in SF6.

Very few men is equipped to mount a mare like Chun. Its like her body is designed to only accept highest grade of genes. And shotas ofc since she willingly spreads her thick muscular cheeks for them. The race play is lame tho.

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based thread

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Why would a 50 year old hag wear skintight leggings that shows off her massive thighs and fat ass??

I get that skintight spandex/nylon might be comfortable/easy to move in. But come on, i mean there is so many more forms of clothing that could house her huge legs. But now its like she's purposefully is drawing even more attention to her obscene lower body.

And on top off all that she works in crime and law enforcement, pretty weird.

Based user.

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Thighs too big in proportion to the rest of her.
I think it's only Juri the one who loves the other in that relationship. Chun's only there for the ride whether she wants it or not.
This is relatively better but it still looks a bit odd.

We are getting there user. Just look at her in SF6. Well atleast for the legs part. Im still sad that they nerfed her arms etc. But its a small price to pay for her legs being meatier then ever. We have finally gotten to the point where her legs are larger/wider then her waist.

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I know that chun is still the thigh queen. But check out "leaked art" for Mimi. I wonder how her ingame model will look.

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>her legs are larger/wider than her waist
Ah, the 5 sacred T's - thighs thicker than the torso.

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have they shown any gameplay of her yet?

I had never heard of the 5 T's. Thank you for blessing this thread with your divine knowledge. Happy to say that its applicable now.


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