Name one (1) good new game that has come out in the last twelve (12) months

Name one (1) good new game that has come out in the last twelve (12) months.

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Star Citizen 3.17

I can't. The last time a good video game came out was in 2004.

Elden rang

Live-A-Live Remake.

I can’t


Just so we're clear, Half Life 2 was great but not as good as HL1 and Halo 2 ended up being by far the worst in the entire trilogy

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Solar Ash
Patrick's Parabox
Severed Steel
Ex Zodiac
Horizon Forbidden West

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Neon White is pretty fucking good.

(You), but just this one and only because I'm in a good mood.

>Ex Zodiac
It needs so much fucking work, man. They need to change when the 2 characters or even bosses are talking. Waiting until there's 500 enemies on screen is going to ensure I'm either taking damage or missing lore, and I ain't missing lore.

Did Solar Ash actually come out? How is it? A true MML successor or another Inafune regular?

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metroid dread
lost judgment
nier remake
kirby and the forgotten land
atelier sophie 2
monster hunter rise
elden ring
that's 10

Of course, wouldn't want to rack your brain too hard
Halo 2 furries aren't really capable of defending their shit game without spiraling into obscene levels of often unironic faggotry. Probably why there's such an overlap between them and 343's literal lore trannies

Splatoon 3

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>two different kinds of brain damage living in your head rent free
I said it was only that one and I wasn't lying. Next one's not even getting a response.

Like I said, don't hurt yourself (if you can help it)


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You're thinking of Red Ash. Solar Ash is a 3D platformer made by the Hyper Light Drifter dev.

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