This was my first crpg and I really enjoyed it, what should I play next?

This was my first crpg and I really enjoyed it, what should I play next?

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Baldur's gate 3. If you're into old style crpgs try pathfinder, pillars of eternity and the like.

Baldur's Gate 3 is a demo. Not even close to a fleshed out game.

It's also pretty shitty compared to DOS2 in every way except maybe graphics. Them being tied down by the D&D system really does a lot to ruin it

Did you play Original Sin 1?

if you're looking for more turn based gameplay and not story divinity's combat system is the peak of the genre. you might be better served playing tactical games. try modded battletech

Larian games are not crpgs

I haven't played it, but I can't imagine the D&D system is the problem considering all the decent D&D-based systems out there in games.

DOS2's biggest issues are the weak story and the ultra-simplified, easy-to-game combat system compared to other CRPGs. It plays like a successor to Dragon Age: Origins more than any other CRPG. Not that it's a bad thing, but the cheese level is off the chart in DOS2.

That said I thoroughly enjoyed the game, but it definitely has flaws that differ from the flaws of other CRPGs.

The roleplaying aspect of them is basically the same as every CRPG like BG, just the combat is is it's own thing. I think if you played DOS it's a decent gateway into pretty much all CRPGs and how they work from a roleplaying perspective.

I'm a peanut brain when it comes to classic crpgs but I prefer to be a blind child in pathfinder getting my shit kicked in than cringefiesta plot and 89iq gameplay of DOS2

Your first CRPG? that means you haven't played Fallout 1 and 2 yet, follow those up with Underrail if you want a challenge.

>cringe fiesta
Yep, that's an Owlcuck game alright

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It plays more like Xcom and Mechanicus than anything, doesnt have the story or character building depth that crpgs tend to have

Meant for

What are you even saying?

Hey, I don't want to sound edgy but I can't help myself. I will try to refrain myself from just saying that it plays like shit and the "building depth" mostly consists of layers of shit. The game is very simplistic in it's mechanics and the writing is terrible. On the other hand those classic crpgs overwhelm me, I never can build a really strong character while going in blind but I prefer that to DOS2 because I really hate the writing in that one with passion.

They really pulled a DOS2 on that one didn't they

Why don’t you finish it? I know you didn’t play past act 2

Larian can't even come close to the cuckshit filled reddit writing that Owlcat puts out, not even with Wizards of the Coast telling them what to write about.

The best part of their games is being able to turn off all the cringey dialogue alignment and skill check indicators.
> 3. (Evil) [Diplomacy 17] No, unless you pay me
Instead makes it
> 3. No, unless you pay me.
If you leave that shit on you're basically on autopilot and barely roleplaying.

I wish they made one where you couldn't savescum either. Gotta keep it close to the TTRPG source.

I dunno, DOS2 was pretty bad writing wise, in a different way.

Larian is even worse because of the wannabe cheeky humor

You clearly didn't play the Azata mythic path

I killed the Lich, got the Aeon path, and quit playing a few hours into it because I am a peanut brain and can't make a good character.

It was still much more fun than entirety of DOS2

>but I can't imagine the D&D system is the problem
5e is a shallow ocean to hit as wide of a player base as possible. BG3 is a homebrew of it and not in a good way such as removing reactions from the system because MuH cOmBaT sPeEd

The starting map in OS1 is better than the entire 2nd game, come at me puinks